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Innisfree GardensNearby City

Innisfree Gardens

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244.1km from Onondaga County ·
"The epidemic found so much fun around New York! Today I sorted it out, these wild gardens are great places to travel! (Less people /Air enough / Beautiful scenery) Emmm picks the eye, which is the most worth going? One of the ten largest gardens in the world, next to the home Innisfree Garden362 Tyrrel Rd, Millbrook, NY 12545 [distance] is about an hour and 40 minutes away from the city center. The garden design inspiration is from the Chinese poet Wang Wei, above the center of New York City. (That is to say, this is the Chinese landscape architecture department designed in the American heart.) But not thunder. The park has lotus ponds/large forest green spaces against each other with elaborate Chinese designs. Only green mountains and water, sunflowers. The gardens are large, the attractions are scattered large and small, you can plan a day to take a photo here [the most beautiful lotus pond] is a good place to take pictures, there is a particularly beautiful long wooden bridge in the middle. The winding path leads to the quiet place, and the side is to remember to leave your summer fairy shadow! [Overall rating] 8-knife net red garden, is it not fragrant? Planting Fields Arboretum1395 Planting Fields Rd, Oyster Bay, NY 11771 [Distance] is located on Long Island, about an hour from the center of New York City [view] This garden has many more elements (colors) than innisfree garden. The European design is in line with most people's aesthetics. The whole garden is a large flower, which is really suitable for photographing. And there is lavender! ! ! [the most beautiful pool] the manor central pool 🟦, this place is really suitable for photographing! ! The pool is super invincible blue, clear and bottomless, after taking two photos, there is a meaning to go to California [overall rating] This place is really worth going, not far from New York Manhattan, the point is! Tickets are only 8 dollars! This place does not step on thunder, have been said, push it! New York's Secret Garden Untermyer Park and Gardens945 N Broadway, Yonkers, NY 10701[Distance] 40 minutes drive from the center of New York City [view] This park has a kind of combination, meaning there are large trees + buildings inside, and you can see the Hudson River far away in the park. The park is not big, but the scenery is really quite a lot. There are two steps to see, and the color design of the flowers and trees is the same! [The most beautiful promenade] There are many promenade scenes in the garden. You can take pictures from different angles with the Hudson River. It's super nice to smile back and forth! [Overall rating] This garden combines some elements of the two fronts, the views are good but few people know! And.... Tickets are not money! It is also worth going to the mad snap! You can choose the parks around New York from the above three distances / play / attractions / preferences etc."