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Marie Curtis ParkNearby City

Marie Curtis Park

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81.4km from Port Colborne ·
"[Attraction Guide] In the Lakeside Park of Yitao Bigu, west of Toronto, the park runs along the Etobicoke Creek to the exit of Lake Ontario. The closer you get to Etobicoke Creek, Lake Ontario, the more water there is, and you will see many local birds and animals playing in the water. There are trees on both sides and the current is not rushing. Foreigners all play in rubber boats to enjoy the beautiful water. Highlights: The park is divided into two sides by etobicoke creek. There is a small bridge in the middle. There are a few super huge willow trees on the shore. The tree is surrounded by a few boys. When you look up at the top of the tree, you have to arch bridge to see. Coupled with the green willow leaves and the light breeze, it is really enjoyable. No wonder many people have picnics or walks on the shore. Going upstream along the Creek is #Etobicoke Creek Trail[location]#, the water flow will become flat, and there are many gravel, the water is very shallow, and occasionally you will see small wild fish. In some sections of the road, you will see the maple trees that have just turned golden, and the reflection in the river is simply picturesque. This niche lakeside park and trail allows you to relax, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a good place for walking and cycling. Transportation strategy: self-driving or public transportation. Ticket price: free. Small Tips: There are two parking lots, and the one in the west is larger. Some Marie Curtis Park"