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Guanyanshan Scenic Area

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Recommended sightseeing time: 2-3 hours
Address: Guanyan Mountain, Pujiang County, Jinhua City

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Guanyan Mountain is located at the southeast edge of Puyang Basin, 12 kilometers away from the county seat, covering an area of 5 square kilometers, and more than 20 scenic spots. Guanyan Mountain, also known as Kanghou Mountain and Luofeng, is 391 meters above sea level. The stones are all red and black, which is a typical Danxia landform. . The peak gorge stands abruptly on the south bank of the Puyang River. The cliff on the south slope is a gift, and the huge rock on the north slope is round. Looking at things, they have different shapes, like covering a bell, like a hair, like a person squatting sideways; looking from a distance is like a squatting male lion, leaning towards the sky.  The official rock wall is along the Yueding Dragon Bridge at the foot of the West Mountain, stepping on more than a thousand stone steps, passing through the Jiufeng Pavilion, and arriving at the Yannan Platform. The cliff is like a screen, about a hundred meters high, the top of the cliff is inclined outwards, and the cliff wall is cut inward. Although the heavy rain is pouring, within 10 meters of the cliff foot, the rain is like a waterfall curtain, but there is no drop on the ground. There are many caves on the cliffs, and there are blue falcons inhabiting them. Falcons are rare in the middle of Zhejiang, but there are many here.   Guanyan Temple According to Song Lian's records, during the Tang Xiantong period (860-874 AD), Master Zu Deng came from Shangyu to fly tin, and lived in the rock. In the face of drought, he stood alone on the top of the rock and threw himself into the rock to pray for rain. After cremation, the five-colored relics were obtained, and the people felt their virtues. The "Guanyan Temple" was built on the rock. After nine times of reconstruction and expansion in the Song, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties, it became a famous jungle far and near. There are still more than 50 statues of the mountain gate, the Daxiong Hall, the apse (Biandan Cave), and the monk's room.   Hugong Guanyanding covers an area of about ten acres, and Hugong was built here in the Song Dynasty. There is a clear spring beside it, the heavy rain will not increase, and the severe drought will not decrease. During the Zhengde period of the Ming Dynasty, Hu Gong moved to Eryan's 30-meter long and 6-meter deep pole cave, which is now the apse of "Guanyan Temple". The thin sword is in Yanbei, and the distance between the two rocks is not more than 10 meters, but it plummets, extremely steep, and it looks like a giant spirit sword from a distance; from the top of the sky, it is a bottomless abyss, and the sky is not seen all year round. .  The Jiangzhai Village at the foot of Guanyan Mountain, the hometown of Xinyue, is the hometown of Jiang Xingyi (the "father of seal cutting" in Japan, the founder of the Shouchang School of Cao Tongzong, Xinyue, the founder of the Shouchang School) who made outstanding contributions to Japanese culture in the early Qing Dynasty. Jiang Xingtao was nicknamed "Jiufeng Yeqiao, Donggao Xinyue" to miss his hometown. In 1991, Professor Mano Suzuki of Japan visited Guan Iwayama and showed respect to the "Sushimine Pavilion". According to the commandment, "The Story of Huaguang Pavilion": "Jiufeng Pavilion" was built by Hongsheng and Hongxing from Yuan to Zhengdinghai (1347 AD).

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