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Walter Peak Farm

Walter Peak Farm

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Ranked #3 in Queenstown Amazing Natural Scenery
13km from city centre
"Steamboat + Walter Plateau Ranch half-day tour is a classic trip to Queenstown. Walter Peak, located on the opposite bank of the lake southwest of Queenstown. Walter Plateau Ranch is located on the west side of the mountain. It is one of New Zealand's oldest plateau pastures, covering an area of 68,000 hectares in its heyday. After several changes, the existing area is 25,000 hectares, and more than 40,000 Merino sheep, Romney sheep and beef cattle are stocked. Since 1991, the owner of the ranch leased 162 hectares of land by the lake to a travel agency and started a "ranch tour" tourism project. Therefore, many tourists feel that "the plateau is not high and the pasture is not big" when visiting. The ranch tour is so beautiful and beautiful. The first is to observe "pastoralism". The "Sheep Shearing Show" is lively and interesting. With the help of the shepherd's fence and the assistance of the shepherd dogs, each of the furry sheep is already bald and cute. "Sheepdogs driving sheep" is vivid and intuitive, with a few shepherd dogs + a group of lambs, allowing visitors to feel every bit of shepherding. "Animal feeding", you can have close contact with alpacas, lambs, and calves, pat and pat ~ too late. The second is to observe the "scene". When you go to the ranch, take a 45-minute voyage by steamboat or a 30-minute voyage by speedboat. The beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains along the way is needless to say. After arriving at the ranch, the east side of the ranch dock is the tourist area, and the west side is the villa area. The "Colonel's House" built in 1902 is the most eye-catching. Because of the tight time, I gave up close contact with small animals and went to the villa area to find out. The white walls are reflected by the red roof, the greenery is lined with flowers, and the scenery is extremely beautiful. In the courtyard, in front of the porch, on the greenery, among the flowers, by the benches, by the lake and beach, you can stroll around and enjoy taking pictures. The third is to taste "food." During the ranch tour, you can choose to have afternoon tea or BBQ buffet. The variety of tea and meals is not rich, but the taste is authentic and delicious, coupled with the elegant environment and harmonious atmosphere, it is also a good experience."