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National Park
Fiordland National Park

Fiordland National Park

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"National Park"
120.2km from city centre
"Fiordland National Park, located on the southwest side of New Zealand's South Island, borders the Tasman Sea, covering an area of 12,100 square kilometers. The fjord is caused by the U-shaped glacial canyon being flooded by sea water. Fiordland National Park has 14 fjords of different lengths. With its unique topography, jagged coastline, and magnificent mountains and cliffs, it is known as the "eighth wonder in the world." The Fiordland National Park is too vast, and tourists generally choose their focus to visit. One is to watch the fjord scenery by boat. From the Milford Sound Cruise Terminal, take a sightseeing cruise to the estuary of the Tasman Sea. The whole journey is 32 kilometers and takes about 110 minutes. Along the way, there are rugged cliffs, undulating peaks, dense rainforest, waterfalls, rapid waves hitting the shore, and the sea and the sky. The natural fjord landscape is vividly and vividly embodied, which is dizzying and beautiful. The second is to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way by car. Route 94 runs through the Fjord National Park. It is known as the "world's most scenic alpine road" due to the diversity and viewability of the landscape along the way. It passes through bushes, meadows, lakes, rivers, snow-capped mountains, canyons, rain forests, Fjords, ups and downs, endless changes. Next to Highway 94, there are tourist attractions such as Mirror Lake, Monkey Creek, Arlington Valley, parking lots, sightseeing trails, observation decks and other facilities. Each attraction can be visited for 15 to 30 minutes."