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Admont MonasteryNearby City

Admont Monastery

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30.2km from Salzkammergut ·
"The small town of Admont is located in the Enns Valley under the Austrian Alps. We walked over the mountains just to get a glimpse of the Benedictine Abbey of Admont, which was built in the 11th century. It was once the center of medieval culture. The first thing that catches the eye is the towering gothic church spire of the monastery. In 1865, there was a fire in Admont, and the church we see now was rebuilt after 1866. The monastery covers a large area, and there are many tall old trees in the garden. The most splendid of the Admont Abbey is the Abbey Library. This library, built in the second half of the 18th century, is a great example of the Rococo style. The 70-meter-long main hall is decorated with exquisite frescoes on the dome. The statues erected in the hall symbolize various meanings of Catholicism. Among them, the most famous is the Catholic "Four Final Things": death, final judgment, heaven and hell. The library contains 1,400 handwritten rare books and 150,000 volumes of books. Although the collection here is extremely precious, for visitors, the gorgeous decoration seems even more obsessive, and it can be called the most beautiful and largest in the world Monastery library. ——Go through the long corridor, push open the inconspicuous door, and the classical and gorgeous library will be unveiled! The day we went was on the anniversary of the fire in the monastery. Everyone was free to enter the museum. Visitors with cameras were required to pay extra for photography as usual. Note that flashing lights are not allowed when taking pictures."