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Closed Open from 8:00am-8:00pm
Recommended Sightseeing Time: 2-3 hours
Address: Bascarsija, Sarajevo 71000, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Phone: +387 61 245 622

What people are saying:

I asked my local friends where the big bazaar is. He said it should be in the old city center of Bascasgar (near the border between the Turkish and Austro-Hungarian) that old Ottoman building called the Bag Old Bazaar, not the one you're talking about beside the Sebili Fountain at the entrance to the Turkish neighborhood of Bascasgar It is commonly known as "Coppersmith Street" here! Since we talk about Coppersmith Street, let's talk about it here! A friend who has been to Turkey must have felt like a cross back to Turkey once he arrived. Yes, the architecture and bronzes are the same as the craftsmanship of Turkey! The reason is simple because it was all left over from the Ottoman Empire, and some of the old craftsmen even spoke Turkish! The street is still most famous for Chinese tourists because of the famous part of the old Yugoslav film “Walter Defending Sarajevo” introduced in 1973 (no more plots, no friends who have never seen them can search online). The winter tourists are scarce, and wandering the old streets of Sarajevo is now gentle. But I, a foreign tourist, can only feel her heavy weight, see her beauty, but can not understand how the people here have been suffering from war! Let's talk about the people here. The old man in the hat waiting to buy pomegranate juice in Figure 10 is my friend. He's an old man. He's actually not that old. He's only 45. Today he came to accompany me shopping, suddenly he told me he wants to drink pomegranate juice and asked me to wait a minute, can I? I said OK! According to our Chinese custom, he will buy two glasses to buy me a drink, the result is not! We'll have lunch together. I'm not finished with the order. He's already ordered a beer. Drink it! Haha, if you according to the inherent Chinese thinking will think they are not enough meaning not enough brother ha, I come all the way to your hometown, you don't invite me to eat a big meal just that, a pomegranate juice a beer you eat a solo! Yes, they are, even eating together we are also AA system! Haha, but I am used to European people now, this is their way of life does not mean that he does not value you he does not love you! (17 years I was in a motorcycle accident in Madrid, Spain, and my toe fractured and went to the hospital with two local guys who were dying before and after helping me run, but they usually didn't even buy me a cup of coffee and a cigarette, haha) Maybe they're doing this AA to their own way of life, which is from the centuries of Ottoman rule? Because my native country friends are always like that, haha. I can't stand the first time I met them! I stumbled across a doll lamb in a shop window that had not opened (Figure 12), and I really wanted to buy it because it looked so sad and so firm that it struck me in an instant. That look seemed to express the desire of every Sarajevo people! That is to hope the world will never be fought! Always peace!

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