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Burg HohenzollernClosed

Burg Hohenzollern

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Ranked #9 in Baden-Wurttemberg Can't Miss Attractions
72.6km from Schaffhausen ·
"The predecessor of Hohenzollern Castle was built in the 11th century. It was later destroyed and eroded. It was rebuilt from 1850 to 1867 in a neo-Gothic style. It was the birthplace of the Hohenzollern family belonging to the King of Prussia and the German Emperor. territory. Hohen in German means noble. Compared with Neuschwanstein Castle, Hohenzollern Castle lacks a fairytale-like softness and melancholy, but it has the strength and fortitude of an armored warrior, and is full of heroism and masculinity. The glorious history of the Prussian dynasty. We first line up to enter the castle. The hall can only be followed by the explanation, and no photos are allowed. The entire castle is forbidden to use drones. The main thing is to visit the treasure house containing the crown of the last German Emperor Wilhelm II. There are a considerable number of artworks, stained glass windows and treasures on display in the castle, but the facilities are still rudimentary. No wonder the current prince only means staying a few days a year. On the afternoon of the day, the weather was clear and the blue sky was washing up. The courtyard square outside was matched with the clear blue sky, and the panoramic view of the Swabian Mountains and even the Black Forest was particularly magnificent. Enjoy the castle, statues and artillery against the background of blue sky and white clouds. The view of the plain below the mountain. There are also a royal chapel, a restaurant and a gift shop in the castle, and I have picked a few CDs of flute music that Frederick the Great liked. Unfortunately, I have to rush to the hotel in Ludwigsburg. I don’t have time to sit here and have a drink and look at the eyes. Come again next time. In addition, the castle chapel here is also rented out for various activities, mostly used for weddings. It seems that the business is pretty good. It seems that the little celebrity I have heard of the name is the wedding here. If you are interested, you can consider it, haha"