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66.3km from Schaffhausen ·
"A great choice Schlossberg, the Chinese name is Gratz Castle Hill. Graz Castle Hill is to the east of Freiburg: If you want to visit Freiburg better, you should go to Graz Castle Hill. The height of Graz Castle Hill is 473 meters. On such a high cliff, I can even see the entire city of Freiburg. From the bottom of the mountain to the top of the mountain, there are no difficult hiking trails. We found only a very faint hiking trail. We are walking on the zigzag hiking trail, walking in the thick shade of trees, next to golden leaves, half-green and half-yellow small trees leave by mistake, from time to time, the sound of bird calls makes us seem to have arrived after the 15th century. Baden. Glaz Castle Hill used to be a defensive fortress, built in the 15th century to resist Turkish and Hungarian invasions. Ascending the towering rocks, we saw a small castle called Graz. Ascending to the top of the tower, I imagined the leaders of the 15th century, pulling out their swords to cheer here, looking at the panoramic view of Freiburg under the mountain, and imagining the warriors of the entire Freiburg. A beautiful and magnificent story may have happened here. When we went up the mountain for the second time, we took the cable car to better enjoy the beauty of the local area. There are many attractions in the castle, including military fortresses, fairy tale trains, ancient Gothic gates and so on. We were hungry, so we went down the mountain and found a viewing restaurant, drinking German dark beer or white beer, eating baked pancakes, authentic taste, or drinking coffee, watching the beautiful landscape there, relaxing and relaxing. After our tea time. Address: Freiburg, Baden-Wurttemberg Opening hours: Open all day"