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Siquijor Divers

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San Juan, PhilippinesMap

What travelers say:

Sikkihall Underwater Sights - Free Snorkel + Scuba dance with Seawolf Storm Almost 100% Seeing Seawolf Storm Tulapos is a favorite Sik Island attraction, but the average person comes here snorkeling in life jackets, tired and only sees the back of Seawolf Storm, less than one tenth of the spectacular. Then come to me! /The trip can be so in the sea to play free diving, then put on scuba gear to easily go down to chase the sea wolf, enjoy the moment with the sea wolf group dance, feel like a touch can touch up close appreciation! /This dive spot has fewer people and an especially good environment. It only let you see sea wolf storm. It ensures that you can't see the diver storm. Hahahaha, but I want to come to this point also need a thumb count + the time and place of the sky, because the laws of nature, good tides allow you to go to heaven. Bad tide level takes you to Hell Road needs to arrange time in advance to better line ~/BTW The attractions here are primitive and simple. If you want to see something, you need to work hard. Walking some roads and swimming are common. I believe that the results after hard work are more shocking and impressive!


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