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AMC Showplace Springfield 12

AMC Showplace Springfield 12

5/51 Reviews
7.2km from city centre
"Whether you live in WDW or in the Horizon West / Four Corners area, this is the best cinema in the area. There are large and small theaters, as well as dining. I personally hate dining theaters and never go to see them. Sometimes, this theater puts smaller art films in these dining theaters, which is unfortunate. I have never tried these foods or drinks, so I can't comment. The largest theaters (Dolby 1 Theater and Digital Theater 2 and 3) are top-notch. Other digital cinemas can also-if you sit in the first few rows, you can reduce the sidelines. When choosing seats, maps are usually not correct, although they are usually correct. Normally, the door does not close, so when the movie starts or when someone hears the crowd entering and leaving other theaters, someone must go out and close the outer door. Similarly, sometimes the room lights don't go out, and you have to find someone to turn them off-although it is rarer here than in other theaters in the area. Some theaters have poor sound insulation and you can hear the movies playing next door-sometimes it is difficult for them to schedule movies to be shown, especially if you are an A-class audience, sometimes there is no list of movies available even two days before Thursday or Friday. Although it is located in the middle of Disney Springs, although the theater is often sold out, the interior of the theater never feels too crowded. The staff working here are friendly, polite and respond to questions. If you want to drive, park your car on the 2nd floor of Orange and the escalator to the west will take you to the theater."