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Bare Island

Bare Island

4.6/512 Reviews
14km from city centre
"A small town in Sydney │The name is very earthy and the scenery is beautiful and beyond the bald island Recommended: Bale Island, also called Naked Island, is called Bare Island in English. At first I thought it was the kind of barren land where there was no grass, but when I arrived at the scene, I realized that I had misunderstood people. Recommended: Bald Island is a small island with beautiful scenery. It is also a famous tourist attraction (though I didn’t know it before), especially the large patch of high and low naturally formed rocks on the island, which is simply too large. It is about 15 kilometers from downtown Sydney and not far from the airport. Bald Island and the coastal land next to it is called La Perouse (it is said that it is a French name, I call her "Lapou Rousi" for the convenience of memory) La Perouse also has beaches, not to lose those net celebrity beaches. The driver told me that this is the filming location of "Mission Impossible 2" directed by Wu Yusen ❗ My favorite Tomoko fights and drags in the film is mostly done in La Perouse. It is said that La Perouse is one of the best places to watch the sunset, but unfortunately we missed it this time Parking here is free ❗❗❗ Detailed address: Anzac Parade, Sydney Suburbs, New South Wales, 2036 Traffic strategy: It is recommended to drive by car in about 40 minutes. There are also direct buses to the city center, see Google Maps for details. ⏰Opening hours: Tudao is open all day. But the bunker on the island is only open every Sunday, and reservations are required. Bunker ticket: 16 Australian dollars Estimated duration: 1-2 hours Practical tips 1⃣️Although it is summer, the surrounding wind and waves are still quite big, it is recommended that the girl taking pictures be careful not to wear a short skirt that is too elegant, otherwise it will disappear in minutes 2⃣Climbing on the rocks to take pictures is very exciting, but you should pay attention to safety in some steep places❗ 3⃣If you are interested, you can go fishing here. I saw a guy catching a big fish in a few minutes."