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Morton National ParkNearby City

Morton National Park

4/51 Reviews
"National Park"
Ranked #8 in Nowra Can't Miss Attractions
146.9km from Sydney ·
"Our first stop was a Meadow trail. I don’t know how to translate it. A few big trees, a lawn, a few rolls on it, basking in the sun, the body is warm, the sun is warm, the mood is hot, shoot Under the blue sky and floating clouds in the afternoon, looking at the pure blue and green, the mood becomes comfortable. The scenery is picturesque and continue to drive forward. The park is just a small forest, densely shaded, the heat becomes gentle, the breeze in the forest is rustling, and the sound is very nice. Some people say that the sound of nature is like this. This small park is far away from the city. , Away from the hustle and bustle, leaving a piece of pure nature. The roadside scenery is picturesque, with green grass, green trees, and British silhouetted against each other. The grass color is a bit withered, but the yellow is light, and the green of the trees is strong. I occasionally see a few lakes, the lakes are not big, small and exquisite , Pocket is also a kind of beauty. On the road, the scenic cars go through the forest and have no purpose. However, they just walk along the Main Route and they will not be lost. This road connects the entire park together with nature, and every corner can be covered. , As long as you like, you can park at any time, but it is not on the road, but the parking lot on the side of the road. The parking lot is not big and can accommodate 3 or 4 cars, which is convenient for tourists to sightseeing and take pictures. This design is close to tourists. It is truly people-oriented. In the country of American devils, people-oriented, harmony is not a slogan, but a part of life. I like this harmony. It makes you feel that life is very easy. This word is hard to say in Chinese. The park is divided into two zones, one west zone and one east zone. The entrance of the east zone is a small artificial park. Inside, the wishing tree is colorful and romantic. In the park, there are blooming flowers, a couple of couples, and a wedding is being held. , Seeing the hand of holding the son, and the romance of old age, bless the couple, I hope they can guard their vow for life, and hope that when their green silk turns white hair, they can mutually touch each other."