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"Historical Site"
13.5km from city centre
"Because we can't drive ourselves in Orland Island, so we have experienced all kinds of difficulties, finally arrived at Kastelholm Castle, old tears! 6€ for an adult ticket, the ticket sales brother saw both of us Asian faces were surprised, and you can put the documents in the ticket office to rent a free guide (must rent otherwise for nothing), the brother is also very funny, asked us to choose Finnish Swedish English which we are serious, Of course, he chose English, he's a "Yeah, I guess so" proud expression, hahaha know why so proud. This castle was built by the Swedish in the 14th century, about 25 kilometers from the center of Port Mary, Kastelholm is the only remaining five fortresses in Finland, and has a very important history in the 15-16 century. The most famous person in history associated with this castle was Gustav Vasa (the first king of Sweden). After his 37 years in power, Vasa made Sweden rich by encouraging commerce, but when he died, his three half-brothers fought for decades, one of them imprisoned his brother in Castelholm Castle after winning the other two. The details are not much on Wiki, so if you get a chance to visit Kastelholm, remember to take a closer look at the history. However, even if you are only interested in architecture, the castle is still worth a visit. Unlike the traditional European castle with its spires, Kastelholm has moats around it and high walls to protect it, the whole castle seems rectangular, the hall is high, and there is an internal courtyard that takes more than 10 minutes to walk around. In addition, there are interactive projects in the castle. You can wear the clothes of that era to show the prince & princess~ The opening time of the castle: May 3-31, 10:00-17:00; June-August, 10:00-17:00; July 10:00- 18:00; September 1-15 Day 10:00-17:00"