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Hot Springs Resort
Saunalautta M/S LoylyNearby City

Saunalautta M/S Loyly

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"Hot Springs Resort"
132.9km from Tampere · Jyvaskyla
"Finland has three treasures, although the other two treasures often change, but sauna always stand, the local people really like sauna, so when I came to the net red sauna loyly, found that only I am an Asian, actually a little embarrassed. In addition to the traditional sauna area, let you experience the two-day feeling of ice and fire, hot sauna steamed directly into the cold sea...and the view of the first class restaurant! The location is really off the beaten track...Loyly Sauna is a new public sauna on the Helsinki coast with public and private baths. It is the largest public sauna in Finland. Along with the sauna, there is a restaurant, an open-air platform, a rooftop terrace/an amphitheatre. The Loyly sauna is a finely designed by Avanto Architects, a famous Finnish architectural design firm. Two structures inside and outside the building protect privacy without hindering the view. Loyly's public baths are Finland's traditional Smoke Sauna and Wood-burning Sauna. Among them, the steam sauna area is 18 ㎡, and the wood-burning sauna is relatively large. 22 ㎡, which can accommodate 20 people at a time. Two saunas can directly access the open-air lounge and sea bathing area. Loyly has separate changing rooms and showers, but the sauna and other public places are mixed and require a swimsuit. Tickets are 19 euros: 2 hours, including bath towels, cushions and toiletries. 10 euros per hour is charged after two hours."