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Pihlajasaari recreational areaNearby City

Pihlajasaari recreational area

5/52 Reviews
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163.7km from Tampere ·
"The tranquil and interesting Finnish natural scenery I can't forget the beauty of Pihlajasaari Recreational Park, and more specifically, it's simply not true, and the wonderful scenery seems to exist only in fiction. Every view in the park is very ornamental, beautiful scenery, charm unlimited, can walk in it is absolutely the ultimate enjoyment. Choose a sunny weekend and after a 15 minute ferry ride, I started exploring the long-awaited Pihlajasaari Recreational Park, which I expected to be surprised by inconceivable, wonderful park in Finland, so I set myself up for a full day. The park is not crowded, although there are many tourists inside, it is really a comfortable state, taking a leisurely and brisk walk on the island, looking at it casually, only to see the natural scenery in the quiet exudes the graceful charm, I don't even want to miss any details. I am tired from walking, just sitting on the beach for a while, the distant port and city in the sun under the glitter, the pleasant sea breeze blowing my face, my thoughts also shake, lost in this enjoyment. Then walk to a restaurant on the island, the owner was very welcoming and the atmosphere was commendable, there was a great selection of food, the food was really delicious, had never tasted such a memorable taste before, and the wine I picked was excellent, Quite a pleasant trip! [Tips] If you feel brave enough, try swimming in the sea here, the water on the island is not warm at all"