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Gabriadze Theater

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Recommended sightseeing time:4-6 hours
Shavteli St., 26, Tbilisi 0105, GeorgiaMap

What travelers say:

Georgia's Little Popular Photo Game, Tongfu and Naive! For the most beautiful puppet clock tower in Eastern Europe to visit Tbilisi, the puppet clock tower is a "must go punching", it is the essence of the old town. It is said that this is also the oldest theater in Eastern Europe, built in 1981, has been nearly 40 years of history. At the full hour, the narrow door opened slightly, and the puppet walked out of the room, banging the bells lightly. At that moment, the wind and the clouds seemed to be still. All were waiting with bated breath, staring at the little bell tower. It was said that it took a filmmaker seven years to make it. There were puppets at the whole point, and with the soft music, the circle of life that revolves around love, marriage, child-bearing, child-growing, old, and tomb-changing. Tip: Every day at 12 and 7 o'clock, there is a performance at the mini-theater below the clock tower. Remember to buy tickets in advance and arrive on time. There are also a lot of nearby hotels. You can go to the art street after dinner. All eyes are art exhibitions and coffee shops. Regarding currency: Georgian Larry can't change in China, because it is too cold, so please change your own USD or Euro at home and then convert to local. Georgia: 1GEL=2.8RMB.



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