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Sarajishvili Ave., 2, Tbilisi 0153, GeorgiaMap

What travelers say:

Tbilisi's Transcaucasian mountainous region has a short spring and autumn season and a relatively long winter and hot summer, and after a snap of spring, it is the summer and autumn season best for travel. In summer, Tbilisi is a city of green, clear, and white clouds, almost every day there is a "fire cloud" sunset. Autumn is a time for shopping malls across the city, and the open-air beer houses and street cafes that are set from early summer until now are among the best seasons to enjoy the slow pace of the local area. A self-driving tour of Tbilisi can be entered through Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia. If you come from Europe, you can choose two borders of Turkey: Sarpi and Vale. And only 40 kilometers from Sadakhlo to Tbilisi, Armenia, Azerbaijan can enter from Tsiteli Khidi (Hongqiao).


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