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Heiyu Mystery Gorge Ticket Office

Heiyu Mystery Gorge Ticket Office

4.5/515 Reviews
111.3km from city centre
"It is a good place to climb the mountain on weekends: at the beginning there is a simple Wa welcome singing and dancing, and a bamboo pole dance interaction; then you can take a tour bus up the mountain, or you can take a 2.5-mile slope to a place where you can climb a ladder. Start climbing; if you choose to go to the first line, you can see the second folklore performance, which is the sea of swords and fires; then climb the mountain and enter the mysterious Wa village. Along the way, there are girls who say welcome in Wa on the gate of Xingyue Zhai, which symbolizes the auspiciousness and wealth of the Wa people. Of the bull skull hanging and so on. At the final center stage, there was a singing and dancing performance of the Wa people. The final interactive lap dance with the handle was the climax of everyone's joy. After that, you can take a photo with the actors. Then I started the mountain climbing trip. The slopes are not steep, there are gravel or steps on the mountain road, and there is a pavilion on the top of the mountain to sit and rest. Although there are no historical sites or artificial scenery, you can feel the feeling of looking at the mountains after climbing to the top. It is cool to shout again! After that, there are Niangniang Temple and spring water on the halfway down the mountain, and there are beautiful legends introducing cards and worshiping Niangniang. For the statue, you can drink a sip of cool and sweet spring water, or you can take a handful of spring water and pat your eyes, which is really refreshing! Finally, go down the mountain and end the climbing activity of about 3 hours! By the way, there is still a way down the slope. There are persimmons full of branches, large and small jujubes on the mountain, but don’t pick it yourself! The overall feel is more original, and some places have not invested in it. For example, the statue of Niangniang Temple is only placed in a small stone house, and there is nothing on the top of the mountain. The scenery, the mountain road is not very smooth and so on. However, this place is good for people and mountains, which is a good place for the family on weekends!"