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Nanhu Ecotourism ResortNearby City

Nanhu Ecotourism Resort

4.7/5172 Reviews
Ranked #4 in Tangshan Can't Miss Attractions
96.7km from Tianjin ·
"The breeze on the lake cools down, turning the water chestnuts over the pond. Wild boats huddled with spring grass on the shore, and water birds flew to the setting sun. Lu Ye was suspicious of fog and rain, and the waves resembled Xiaoxiang. Floating on the boat, returning to the east, looking at Yi Chu Township with every day. It’s a rare Spring Festival holiday. Take a trip to Tangshan with your son and then visit Nanhu. Different seasons and different moods have different feelings. Tangshan Nanhu Park is called Tangshan Nanhu City Central Ecological Park. It is located in the south of the city center, only 1 km away from the city center, integrating natural ecology and history A large-scale urban central ecological park integrating culture and modern culture. The park currently governs large and small parks such as Aishang Manor, Xiaonanhu Park, Nanhu National Urban Wetland Park, Earthquake Site Park, Nanhu Sports Green Space, National Sports and Leisure Base, Nanhu Purple Swan Village, Phoenix Terrace Park, and Botanical Garden. But did you know that Nanhu Lake used to be a coal mining settlement area formed after more than 130 years of mining in Kailuan, where garbage is a mountain, sewage, overgrown weeds, inaccessible scars and ruins... Today Nanhu Lake is one of Tangshan’s Name card, cultural tourism activities during the Spring Festival in Tangshan, no matter where it is, there is always an activity for you! Bless the Man Tang and Hongying Nanhu, the 2019 Tangshan Nanhu Spring Festival Lantern Festival, a wonderful and unforgettable light show, Tangshan is worth recommending! !"