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Former Ichiyo Higuchi Kikuzaka Residence

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4-32 Hongo, Bunkyo 113-0033, Tokyo PrefectureMap

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  • pyu-chann

    A small road residential area, let's visit quietly!

    Original Text

    The neighborhood is a narrow normal residential area. There is no signboard, etc. Please refer to the attached image. Also, the stairs and paths next to the old residence site are also charming. Ichiyo Higuchi, who lost his eldest son and father one after another, and had his mother and sister working as a needle work and pawnbroker, was sworn.

    Reviewed on /Date(1600869304000+0800)/
  • pukapuka06

    i think of the old literary master

    Original Text

    Well, people today don't read Higuchi Ichiyo's book... There is a place related to the literary masters like 々 in Bunkyo ward, so it is also fun to go around as a literary walk.

    Reviewed on /Date(1579383952000+0800)/
  • ntnns

    A town where literati lived

    Original Text

    The area around Kikusaka, which extends northwest from Hongo Sanchome, is famous as a place where literary scholars lived. The site of Higuchi Ichiyo's former residence was a nice place with a quiet and atmosphere, although there was no explanation board like the site of the former residence of Kenji Miyazawa nearby.

    Reviewed on /Date(1577329175000+0800)/
  • Yalbyby

    It's a very difficult place to understand.

    Original Text

    Along the narrow road parallel to the south side of Kikusaka, there was a handwritten guide board.The actual residence site is said to be near the narrow alley from there. I understood because tourists came out, but it is a very difficult place to understand.

    Reviewed on /Date(1575356439000+0800)/
  • Clint-j-east

    It's in a difficult place to understand.

    Original Text

    I was a little lost without a guide or sign. The place like the back of the alley is the site of Higuchi Ichiyo's old residence, but many people live now and I visited quietly. I was surprised that there were still such places as houses, wells, stairs, etc., which were built to approach the narrow street, and it was like a set of movies.

    Reviewed on /Date(1574599393000+0800)/