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Bialowieza ForestNearby City

Bialowieza Forest

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"Cities are rational, spinning, digital. Nature is emotional, emotional, and has the power of mysterious healing. On World Earth Day, let us escape the hustle and bustle, walk together into the magical natural landscape of Poland, make intimate contact with the earth, with its breeze, soothe our tired heart, revitalize life and revitalize life. 🌈 In Biawowiza, across the ancient border with Belarus in northeast Poland, there is Biawowieza virgin forest, one of the only virgin forests in Europe, and listed in the World Heritage List. Here, we can follow the royal hunting trails, walk, ride or ride in the fine sun, through the green carpets of lush vegetation. You can enjoy a visual feast on the green carpet. The Biawowieza Forest remains the same as it was 7,000 years ago. There are over 1,000 plants in the forest, many of which are considered to be the hallmarks of natural evolution. Natural waterways and wetlands create perfect biological sites that attract researchers from around the world and are a good biology textbook. The European bison in the forest has escaped extinction. It is an unforgettable experience to meet the bison. You can also see rare animals such as pine constrictors, raccoons, wild horses and geese. At the turn of January and February, you can attend Wolf Night in Biawowieza National Park. Going out at dusk with a guide, waiting for the wolf to live free in the dark with only moonlight. It's hard to find a more exciting experience! About 100,000 visitors come here every year to camp and sleep on a unique and fresh tour. People can see the original style of prehistoric, but also feel the unique Eastern European folk culture. The forest also has the Royal Oak Road, which is named after the Polish ruler, and you can visit the famous people in Polish history and feel the Polish reverence for nature and history. 🌈 Mazuli Lake District, the one thing everyone who comes to the Mazuli Lake District in Poland must do is to fill the phone in advance! Why? The Lake District is located in the northeast of Poland and has the reputation of "the place of the thousand lakes". The total number of lakes exceeds 2700! The beautiful environment, colorful towns and blue sky make it the ideal place to shoot Instagram. The Mazuli Lake District is a favorite summer resort for Poles. Lake niardwy in the Mazuli Lake District is the "husband" in Poland, with an area of 113.8 square kilometers; And Jeziorak Lake is king by length, about 28 kilometers! It is also a perfect destination for kayaking, sailing, fishing, hiking and cycling, experiencing the joy of sports in nature, and feeling the beauty of life in the mountains and waters. 🌈 Go to the long and narrow peninsula and feel the summer fun The Hull Peninsula is a scenic area along the Baltic Sea. It is 35 kilometers long and only 150 meters narrow. It is like a crescent moon, embedded in the Baltic Sea, dividing the turbulent Gdansk Bay and the quiet Puke Bay in two. The water-covered peninsula, the scenic resort and the delicious seafood restaurant make the Hull Peninsula a perfect resort. On the coastline close to 300 miles, there is plenty of space for sailing, water motorcycles, swimming, and sunbathing enthusiasts who enjoy the white sand beaches. The town of Hull is also known for its hot springs and spas. A bike trail along Pork Bay will take you to the holy land of sailing and kite surfing. The coast is flat and the water is shallow, allowing sailing fans to get started in the best winds. The wind here is always coming from the West or the high seas, blowing toward the coast, and it is because of these unique conditions that Hull is one of the famous sea sports centers in Europe! 🌈 Explore the strange sights of the European desert Can you imagine there are deserts in Poland? The country's desert area, the 10-kilometer Bledowska Desert, was featured in the movie Pharaoh. Until recently, it was said, there was a mirage. However, Poland's unusual deserts in Swovenski National Park Slowinski, where mobile dunes, driven by wind, move at 10 meters per year and have so far engulfed villages! Swovensky National Park is located on the Baltic coast of northern Poland. It was built to protect beautiful coastlines, including lakes, peat bogs, grass and woods, and moving sand dunes. The park is also home to rare birds, including white-tailed eagles, hawks, geese, black geese and many aquatic birds. The biosphere reserve has more than 160 kilometers of paved roads for hiking, providing visitors with the opportunity to enjoy the sand dunes and the waves of the Baltic Sea. Climb the observation towers all over the park for a better view. The resort city of Leba, located at the entrance to Slovinsky National Park, is a great place to spend the night before and after the park. The eba offers horseback riding on the sand, giving you an unforgettable time in Poland. 🌈 The Truth-Made Curved Forest Krzywy Las is a unique natural wonder in Poland, consisting of about 100 deformed pine trees. All the trunks here are not vertical, but 90 degrees angled and curved upwards into a large arch. All the trunks are curved north with stunning views. The curved ridges are located near Nowy Czarnów in southern Poland. Are these trees deliberately altered by local farmers? Are the trees naturally curved north? Many people are trying to find the answer to this mystery, but the answer is likely to have vanished forever, since the town of Griffino was largely abandoned between the early days of World War II and the 1970s. As we stroll through these ancient and strange natural scenic spots in Poland, feeling the long life force of the earth, we seem to find the curiosity, happiness and touch of life at the beginning of life, everything is just right."