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"Amusement Park"
182.7km from Yichun · Changsha
"One of the recommended activities during the National Day, Changsha Baiyuan. On the third day of the National Day holiday, I came to Baiyuan in Qiaokou Town, Wangcheng District, Changsha City on the third day of the National Holiday. As a Hunanese, I have already played in Window of the World and Fantawild World, but considering that I brought children this time, many large-scale equipment in the Window of the World and Fantawild World cannot be used at night. So I chose Cypress Garden on the recommendation of a friend. It has to be said that Changsha Parkland is really a good place for "young children". There are more than 30 kinds of large and small amusement equipment in it. Since the excitement is not particularly great, our family can play with the children. , And feel the fun of the amusement park, but also let the children feel the warmth of the companionship of adults. It can be said that Changsha Baiyuan is a must-go place for parents and children. At the same time, the zoo in Changsha Baiyuan also made our children especially happy, because there are many types of animals here, and most of them can be in close contact, which also allows children to have a new understanding of the animal world. As for the tiredness of playing, you can also watch animal performances in the Beast Theater, watch a movie in the 4D theater, and take a boat ride on the lake. It can be said that a day’s itinerary can be arranged full, because it is the first time to come to Qiaokou. I don’t know much about it here. I deliberately drove around the annex at night. It can be said that Qiaokou during the day is a good place to play, and the scenery of Qiaokou at night is also unforgettable. It can be said that this time I came to Changsha Baiyuan to play very satisfied, especially the children were very happy here. When I left, I kept saying that I would come to play next time. It is rare to rest on National Day. If you want to relax and entertain, then If you want to "slide your baby", Qiaokoubai Paradise must recommend it!"