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Amusement Park
Fandanbengchuang Park (changsha·xiyingmenfancheng)Nearby City

Fandanbengchuang Park (changsha·xiyingmenfancheng)

1 Reviews
"Amusement Park"
140.3km from Yichun · Changsha
"👻 Maybe I started to find that my cock likes to jump on my bed. At that time, I wanted to save my bed and let it escape from the sea of suffering. I happened to find this large trampoline park when I went to Guanlan Lake to play. I didn't hesitate to take the baby in. I tried it, but it was a terrible attempt. The baby fell in love, so it became one of the holiday play options. 👉 Store Name: Bounce Trampoline Park (Guanlanhu New Town Shopping Center Store) 📍 Address: Building A, Guanlanhu New Town Shopping Center, Longhua District, Shenzhen 2A Block L301⏰ Business hours: 10:00-22:00💰 Tickets: 198 times a time, accompanied by adults under 1.4 meters free of charge. ‼️ tips: it is more cost-effective to handle the card and the quarter card year card, such as 10 cards 980, valid for one year. In addition, there are some discounts on the Internet, you can search for them by yourself and buy them on demand. 🚗 Traffic: ✅ Bus: M338 Road ✅ Subway: Line 4 Guanlanhu Station Exit B ✅ Self-driving: Currently, commercial parking is free parking ⭐️ Bright Point: 1️⃣ The area is large, especially the trampoline. In addition to adults, there are also children-only indoor venues that can be played in all seasons of the year. No matter wind, rain or hot weather, it is not affected. 2️⃣ There are many play items, in addition to trampoline, there are tree nets, wave pools, spider wall areas, sponge pools, trampoline basketball, rock climbing, foam Lego, children's playground, and so on. 3️⃣ Every afternoon from 4 to 4:30, two small games will be organized, such as Bobo Pool Treasure Hunt, and small gifts prepared, children play too hi. 4️⃣ Adults who do not accompany their children have a special rest area, you can choose to watch their children in different locations. 5️⃣ There is a bathroom set up to facilitate the size of friends, no need to go out to the mall to solve. 🈂️ Service: Management is still quite good, such as when going in to play will be required to wear non-slip socks; Staff will always pay attention to the dangerous behavior in the venue, and will stop it in time if found; children are not allowed to enter and exit alone, etc. ⚠️ tips: you need to prepare your own slip-proof socks, if you buy them on site, a pair of 10 yuan, the same size."