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Houbantang Ancient Village

Houbantang Ancient Village

4.3/528 Reviews
Ranked #1 in Fengcheng Local History
157.1km from city centre
"Seven Laws Songgu Village (Houbantang) An ancient thick board pond in Jiangxi, a good place with a long history. The paper-making furnace tower towers above the clouds, and the Xingzi pier accompanies the moon pond. The willow tree becomes the fragrance of the sprout lotus, and the migratory egrets fall to heaven. The lotus root in the lotus seed mud on the water, the underwater fish, shrimp, turtle, turtle and mussel. It was in the reign of Emperor Kangxi and Yongzheng, the ancestor Tu Chaoran. Make a living and travel to Hengzhou, and be kind and friendly. The servant of the Ministry of War is named Yang Jian, and the imperial minister is Peng Yulin. The Jinfeng doctor passed the title, and Anbang ruled his family and stayed in his ancestral business. The doctor’s house belongs to the main hall, and the sedan chair is tied to the horse. Entering one, two, three doors, guests from Wuhu welcome the living room. The layout is reasonable and big and small, one after another step by step. Miss Gongzi is studying in the boudoir, and the masters and elders are standing tall. The magnificent and spacious six-family room, Tongfengdi is really amazing. There is a kitchen in the middle of the two bedrooms. Eighteen courtyard buildings, thirty-six piers with double pairs. The white marble is a rare treasure, and the stone and wood carvings are superb. Three Miao Liufang eight-character gate, Jinshi Wenlin Lane is neat. Dongwu Anju is pregnant, and the doctor is prosperous with children and grandchildren. The door goes in and out, and cloth shoes extend in all directions. The merits of the ancestors are passed on to descendants, and Cong Gui has a great reputation."