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Changsha Tongguanyao Ancient TownNearby City

Changsha Tongguanyao Ancient Town

4.5/51645 Reviews
"Ancient Settlement"
Ranked #5 in Changsha Can't Miss Attractions
86.4km from Yueyang County ·
"👏 168 yuan is really worth it. It is very Ok to bring children to play. Not only can you play, but you can also learn a lot of knowledge and gain insight [Victory]. 👏 Visited the museum group, there are many meaningful collections, which showcase excellent Chinese traditional culture and modern high-tech, in the Huxiang Hall of Fame, visited nearly 200 famous people in the Huxiang, and also watched the intangible cultural heritage: oral performance, Playing iron flower performance... Passing voice and coloring performance, too admire the old gentleman, playing iron flower is also wonderful 👍, too beautiful. 👏 Also visited Ouyang Inquiry College, Changfeng Yuju, Zeng's Temple, General Yang Futian and other humanities attractions, all the way to stop and stop, by the way to enjoy the dance of the Yi nationality, the Miao nationality dance of the Junsheng Theater, each with its own characteristics. The evening Tongguan Water Show is also very exciting [salley flower], a dazzling 20-minute large water show performance. 👏 There are a lot of [hot pot] snacks in the snacks, things are not too expensive, and the taste is still good. There are rice shops, charcoal hot pot, Liuyang steamed vegetables, Yang Yuxing, to the group, and so on, want to eat celery can go to the Tongguan Tong restaurant, want to eat celery can go to Mingyaolou, milk tea shop Guangfangyuan. 👏 Strongly push: The Blackstone Theater: There are many people to see, fortunately it is not open-air, not hot, one day, because it can be seen that the performance is actually a lot of things to prepare, so you have to stick to the time to see, the theater is really wonderful, exciting, Mainly around the story of the captain and the crew and the pirates fighting wits and valor, the actors are also working hard 👍🏻, the more impressive is the clown, very funny, take a child must go to see, but pay attention to it, during the performance, occasionally spray gunpowder, spray water, a little scary 😂, Also, it's a bit hot in the front row, the watercraft show and the motorboat look fun, all in all, it's personal and the plot is tight. 👏5D Cinema: A thrilling journey of simulated adventure for more than ten minutes, it feels very strong, is a story about the search for magical 🔮, it is quite exciting. 👏 Flight Cinema: It is very safe to sit on it. It takes you to fly to various attractions in Hunan. It has a feeling of immersion. It takes you up to the cloud and overlooks the high mountains. It takes you down to the lake and it takes you through the illuminated cities. Take you a different Hunan... 👍🏻 👏 In short, more than 100 pieces can see so much, I feel that the price is very high, if the time is enough, you can spend two days to play, and you want to play in one day, it will be arranged more compactly, so it is still very leisurely to stay in the inn or hotel of Tongguanyao for one night. In the evening, you can also go to the pub with friends, clear the bar to drink small wine, eat barbecue, sing and sing, and go to the night's copper mansion 🏙️, very comfortable."