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Longshan Park (South Gate)

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Ranked #3 in Yuyao Great Urban Parks
MountainHistorical Architecture
Open Open from 8:00am-5:00pm
Recommended sightseeing time:1-3 hours
N Binjiang Rd, Yuyao Shi, Ningbo Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, ChinaMap

What travelers say:

Longquan Mountain is only less than 70 meters above sea level, suitable for morning exercises. There are many martial arts enthusiasts doing morning exercises on various platforms of the mountain sports, and there are waves of people spontaneously singing Yue Opera in every corner, accompaniment by themselves, and singing by themselves. It is so lively. Climb up the stairs along Longquan Mountain, then slowly descend from the other side to Yangming Park, and continue to visit the former residence of Wang Yangming, appreciate the spirit of the founder of Xinxue, and feel the humanistic feelings of Yuyao, a treasured geomantic land.


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There is a spring on the mountainside. The spring water is not big, but it does not dry up all year round. It is named Longquan. Because the spring is known as the first spring in the world, it is named Longquan Mountain. It has been expanded into Longshan Park. The Yao River flows from the foot of the mountain, forming a great landscape of "Dragon Mountain and Shun Shui". Longquan Mountain not only wins with its beautiful scenery, but also contains rich history and culture. Legend has it that Song Gaozong once climbed this mountain to drink water, felt that the spring water was sweet, and took a small jade to draw water away, saying that the scenery of the spring is better. Because of the construction of "Better Pavilion". Entering the south gate of Longshan Park, climbing up the stairs, you can see the giant plaque of "Literature Name State" written by Weng Qinglong, a Qing calligrapher, on the hillside. If you go further, you will reach the "Monument of the Hometown of Four Sages", which is a memorial to Yan Ziling for later generations. It was built by four Yuyao sages, Wang Yangming, Zhu Shunshui and Huanglizhou. Zhongtian Pavilion, located on the south side of the mountain, used to be the lecture office for Mr. Wang Shouren (Wang Yangming), so it is also called Yangming Academy. Lizhou Archives. There are also Longquan Well, Longquan Room, Ziling Pavilion, Yangming Pavilion, Shunshui Pavilion, Lizhou Pavilion, Zhiyangheng, Zhile Pool, Wenchang Pavilion, many local sage poems, memorial halls (steles), etc., which were built in the Northern Song Dynasty. The Tongji Bridge in the Yuan Dynasty and the Shunjiang Building in the Yuan Dynasty, at the foot of Longquan Mountain, constitute the landscape of "Changhong lying on the waves, Feige ballast". While enjoying the natural scenery, you can increase your knowledge and nurture your sentiments.
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