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Durmitor National Park

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National Park
Recommended sightseeing time:0.5-1 day

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The topic to talk to you today is Zabriak. I think most of my friends have not heard of this place, she is a little niche but really worth a visit. Zabriak is the northernmost city in Montenegro and the highest altitude town in the Balkans! The population is 1937, and the town is the center of Zabriak, and the population is 4, 204. But she owns the only national reserve in the Republic of Montenegro to be included in the UN's World Heritage List - Dumitor National Park and the former Yugoslavia film "Bridge", which is widely known to the nation - the Tara River Gorge Bridge, When you mention the movie "Bridge", everyone must hear the song "Ah friends goodbye ~ Ah friends goodbye ~". Dumitor National Park is very interesting. It takes five or six minutes to walk along the snow lane and there is a sign on my left hand (Figure 3). If you don't pay attention, you must go. And this simple wooden sign is the world heritage sign, with UNESCO and national park logo, hahaha, yes, people are so simple oh! High peaks, deep canyons and a long glacier lake, thick pine and birch trees around the lake, as the snow of the previous days was particularly fascinating today, when I walked to the Black Lake with the reputation of "European Tears", I saw the highest peak of the Balkans - Bobo The top of Tovkuke (pictures 3) is about 2522 meters high, covered by snow all year round! The black lake is not big, of course, the water is not black, but because it is surrounded by pine trees and dark and named! The black lake is already frozen and snow-covered, and I stand in the middle of it, facing the Peak of Bobotov Cook, surrounded by quietness that allows you to hear your heartbeat. As I was in the middle of the moment feeling the embrace of nature, there was a crisp and refreshing noise from the children behind me. Several families had brought the children here to play. I wondered if the local children were not going to school on weekends. Then suddenly remembered that today is January 11th in the Orthodox Christmas festival, adults and children should still be on holiday! "This time I was impressed by the old man (Fig. 10) who started to take out his cigarette by the lake to light it, but because it was too cold to hit the lighter, I hit my lighter and carried it up, and the old man nodded his head and held my hand as a sign of thanks." I tried to talk to him but he didn't know English, but he was still very enthusiastic about introducing me to his native language - Bosnian, of course, I didn't understand! Then I took my hand and ran to the middle of the hu and took two pine branches under my feet. He meant to teach me how to skate. I changed my mother tongue to Chinese and told him that when I was a child my grandfather took me to skate in Shichahai, Beijing. . . I felt like I was back in my childhood. I broke the language and he jumped the border, I can see he was very happy, of course I am also very happy, this is probably Confucius said: friends from afar is not happy! Although we never know each other, but the true feelings can be the most moving people! This is the most lacking in our society today!



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Durmitor is a beautiful natural park, which is formed by glaciers, divided into above-ground rivers and underground rivers. Walking along the Tara River Gorge, you can see the deepest canyons in Europe. The natural scenery here is very good, the dense pine forest is dotted with clear lake water, there are many characteristic plants, and the air is fresh.
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