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Zhangzhou Southeast Flower City

Zhangzhou Southeast Flower City

4.4/5337 Reviews
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Ranked #5 in Zhangpu Can't Miss Attractions
21.3km from city centre
"From Xiamen to Southeast Huadu, it is recommended to take the national highway, because I took the highway when I went, and when I came back, I took the national highway because I took the wrong road. But in fact, the national highway is better to go, and there is no high-speed fee. The speed is faster than the highway. , So walking at high speed is completely a bug. Southeast Flower is a garden-style hotel. It takes a long time to drive to enter the hot spring area. The lobby is more generous and magnificent. After changing hands, you enter the locker room. The dressing room is very clean and very large, and the children's slippers are also too large. So next time we decided to bring slippers and shoes to our 2-year-old baby. We also saw children in the hot spring pool holding water guns and ocean balls. So starting from Julong Town, we brought the ball and water gun for the baby to play. child. Southeast Huadu Hot Spring is on the mountain, built around the mountain, layer by layer, layer upon layer. On the day we went there were basically no people. After we got out of the locker room, we went up the first mountain. Started to have hot springs. There is a large children's pool on the first floor. There are two large lifebuoys inside. People can lie on the lifebuoys. Beside the pool, prepare some small balls and water guns, but they are all very small. But because of this thing, the baby is willing to go into the water. Before going to Longjia Hot Spring, I was determined not to go into the water. When I first arrived in the southeast, the flower did not go into the water. Using this small ball to attract him, he went into the water for a while, but playing It's not very long. Because it's in a winding mountain, I have to climb layer by layer. My parents are very old and feel very tired when they go to the first floor, so they stay in the children's pool. I myself have time to walk around and see, there is also a very big children's water area, which is a bit like a dream water world. But they didn't open, and the area of Nuo Da was empty, and I still felt a little scary inside. There are five to six floors in the hot spring pool. Some hot springs are open in the cave on the second floor. I saw people in the cave. But 80% of the bathing pools are closed. It may be because there are not many people in the epidemic. The whole environment is very good, but I should not go again because this kind of mountain-climbing hot spring feels a bit too tired. Not suitable for us. When I was about to leave, I found that there was a children's play pool indoors, where the baby was very happy, and it took another hour and a half to play before leaving."
Time-Space Rubik’s CubeNearby City

Time-Space Rubik’s Cube

4.8/5266 Reviews
44.1km from Zhangzhou ·
"Xiamen Explore Shop | In the dream light, a sweet date 🎊 is several months away, with the development of the epidemic, finally no longer stay at home 👏🏻. Weekend time, 💝 hand in hand punches the time and space cube exhibition hall. 🏠The exhibition hall is located on the B1 floor of Nanzhong Square. As last time, 🎉 like a dream, starlight, and colorful scenes impressed me. At least two dozen scenes are really addictive. The following projects are recommended: 🌙[Lotus Pond Moon] The starlight is really beautiful and romantic back to back. 🌙[Furious Moon] The silhouette is really good, very suitable for couple interaction ❤️. 🌎[Ranging Planet] As if entering the vast universe, there is a sense of space roaming 🚀. 🛣️[3D Mirror Maze] The effect of the mirror is fun, we both turn hazy without stopping. It's exciting 😘. 🏛️[Jieyou Museum] When you enter, there is a feeling of healing. The fan and the white wall are really attractive and can't help but shoot it. 💰[Riiich house] It's really cool to be a local tycoon. If the inside is not in and the gold bar is true, it's good. 💡Tip: 1⃣️You can choose the morning time ⏱️, the wrong peak tour, fewer people, more convenient to shoot. 2⃣️ Every project has a photo demonstration photo, you can learn the photo angle and pose of Miss Model Sister, the pro-test is effective 🗽~3⃣️ Miss Store clerk is especially enthusiastic, if the self-shoot is not convenient, let the store clerk Miss Sister help take a picture, and will tell me how to take, What props to choose can be taken better, good shooting 🎬. 4⃣️ There is also a place to store bags near the entrance, you can store some non-precious items there 📦5⃣️🎉 Remember to take a good mood, 👙 wear beautiful clothes, bring a good camera 📷 to visit."