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Fangte Dongmeng ShenhuaNearby City

Fangte Dongmeng Shenhua

4.9/55977 Reviews
"Theme Park"
Ranked #2 in Nanning Can't Miss Attractions
260.7km from Zhanjiang · Nanning
"Not going to Nanning, you can play all over Southeast Asia in a day ✅ The following Raiders are three brush Fantawild summary! Must see! 👀[Park Visit]‼️➡️ weekday time🈺️10:00-18:00➡️National Day period🇨🇳09:00-21:00➡️Ticket details🎫Standard Ticket: 299 Night Ticket: 199, Night Ticket 16:30 Entry 🌖Children's Ticket (1.1-1.4m) and Elderly Tickets have corresponding discounts 1.1mFree 🆓[Must bring Articles]‼️1️⃣ ID card, health code, mask, Entry security check 2️⃣ Fonte Travel APP: The park operation time and the venue performance time are known! Another thousand island songs also need to be reserved in advance in the "cloud reservation" section. 3️⃣ must buy a raincoat in advance in 🍑! It is very expensive to rent 28r/ pieces in the park! 4️⃣ Must bring a charging treasure! In the park, the charging treasure rental point is very few 😭5️⃣ hats, sunscreen 🌞; Nanning October or sun ‼️ With you flying - Finding the Merlion - Dream Trojan - Entering Angkor - Thousand Island Song - Pirate Adventure - Malacca Warriors - Xiangyue Xialong Bay - Canyon Drifting - Jungle Feilong - Crazy Bumper Car - Rama Legend ✔️ [Must-Play Introduce] ‼️1️⃣First stop of the 🌈 line with you, the most lovely rainbow venue. Ball-shaped naked eyes 3D, simulate the real flight, the time of a song takes you to appreciate the colorful exotic customs of the ten ASEAN countries, my mother has been sighing and shaking! 2⃣️ Thousand Island Songs 💃🏻 The project needs to be booked on the APP and enter 15 minutes in advance. This is a performance that won numerous awards, the Indonesian song and dance performance and high-tech audio-visual perfect combination, the shooting of the record is almost half an hour of audio-visual feast! 3️⃣Malacca Warrior 🏴‍☠️The cooling and heat-relieving (wet body) project, the simulation scenario is very exciting! Experienced a fun of catching pirates in heavy wind and rain 🏴‍☠️Be sure to wear a raincoat 🌂4️⃣Conglin Feilong 🎢The famous wooden mountain cart! It is spectacular and exciting! The whole process is screaming! I love roller coasters! I'm the only one in the family who dares to ride! Finally, I wish everyone a happy time!"
Nanning Wanda Amusement ParkNearby City

Nanning Wanda Amusement Park

4.3/5497 Reviews
"Theme Park"
Ranked #5 in Nanning Family-Friendly Attractions
259.3km from Zhanjiang · Nanning
"It rained when I got up early in the morning, and my son said that my mother's play today was going to be a boon. I said mysteriously, there will be surprises! Then set off Wanda. I saw the staff at the entrance, and I quickly got tickets to enter the park. The decoration style is rich in Guangxi ethnic culture, full of ethnic style, and even the street lights show the Zhuang customs. The first thing I experienced was the lucky elephant-the little elephant in my childhood brought back so many memories. Then experience the Panwang Umbrella Dance: The Panwang Umbrella Dance is a kind of flying tower amusement equipment. The cockpit rotates around the central axis of the column while moving up and down, and it can also rotate freely. Experiencing and then experiencing the blooming of hibiscus flowers, the children instantly feel that they are becoming little fairies~~ Sitting in the middle of the flower is simply beautiful~ I have experienced this project twice. Yongjiang Insurance Ferry-the most popular project in the entire park, a long line of dragons is like the sea. The children screamed and said it was very exciting. Since the child still has an interest class in the afternoon, he did not consume in the park. Hurrying to eat lunch and go to class in the afternoon, but also hurried away. It's a pity that I haven't finished the experience."