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Swan Lake Animal BaseNearby City

Swan Lake Animal Base

4.6/5586 Reviews
Ranked #10 in Haikou Can't Miss Attractions
144km from Zhanjiang ·
"The flight from Haikou is at night, and on the last day after the hotel checked out, it was decided to go to the zoo near the airport. Look at other people's evaluations know that this zoo is not big so the psychological expectations are not high, but when I arrived at the door, I was shocked by the small farm-like gate. The key is that no one, no one, no one. Looking is different from the impression of the zoo. But inside still have no holes, many animals are scattered, walking along to meet an ostrich ah turkey ah what is normal. Although the ground is the ground stone, but very clean no animal waste ah garbage and so on. If it is not the sun can really go for a while, feel the closeness of human and nature. The swans in the lake are all white, the niece also saw the swans on the land sleep, one foot standing one foot, head buried in the wings sleep, the model is very chic. The niece likes to feed alpacas, the alpaca here is also scattered, several rest together in the shade, with the vegetable leaf carrots walk past all the alpacas stand up to you walk over a little scary. There is also a very interesting zoo that does not have the elephant turtle interaction, super big, moving up and down really fast, can also touch their shells, hard and quite interesting. It was too hot and very hard, and the niece was sweating hot. We stayed for an hour and left. Adult tickets for 80 are a little expensive."