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Beihai Golden Bay Mangrove Ecotourism AreaNearby City

Beihai Golden Bay Mangrove Ecotourism Area

4.5/55285 Reviews
Ranked #2 in Beihai Can't Miss Attractions
120km from Zhanjiang ·
"It takes about 40 minutes to ride to the Golden Bay Mangrove Scenic Area. You can bring your ID card for free at least 55 years old. The observation car in the area costs 25 yuan. The battery car parking is 2 yuan. In fact, the sea and mangroves here are the same as the silver beach and Fengjiajiang, but the area is larger, and the endless sea and sky, mangrove green shadow, white dragonfly habitat, like stepping into the uninhabited land, such as a natural fairyland. It is a gold scenic spot with rich subtropical coastal wetland style and fisherman culture connotation in China. It belongs to the eastern area of Beihai Yintan National Tourism Resort, about 15 kilometers away from the city center (Beibuwan Square), commonly known as "Daguansha", with an area of about 20 square kilometers and a scenic area of 6000 mu. The coastline is about 4.5 kilometers long, more than 3000 mu of "marine forest" sable mangroves, there are 100 species of birds, insects, shellfish, fish, shrimp, crabs and other creatures such as white sables, inhabiting here, is a rare marine biodiversity protection area in China. Here you can enjoy the poetic pictures of the sky, the blue sky and the blue sea, the red sand and the sunset clouds, the charming beach, the proud mangroves, the fresh air and the comfortable environment, making it a national AAAA level tourist attraction. The exhibition of the folk culture, life and scenes of the folk sights of the folks has more characteristics. She is a common name of the coastal waters of China, living at sea for a long time, all aspects of the conditions are very difficult, endured wind, huge waves, exposure, darkness, and no land outside the material security, so the people worship Mazu, Mazu became the protection of the sea. The sauce hat and the fishing song are very special. Today's sauce family, besides fishing in the sea, fish rafting, also "landing" to live, open up a new way of life. However, their simple, tough personality has not changed. Many photography points along the seaside road, very beautiful, blue, pink, white, green, green, all show style, attract many wedding photographers here to take pictures, because of the epidemic prevention and control reasons, the current entire scenic spot is few people. Also make us visit very pleasant, walk, chat and take pictures to play. Visit around two hours, the United States and the United States of America leisurely and joyful."