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Naozhou Lighthouse

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Ranked #7 in Zhanjiang Sunset Viewing Spots
LighthouseHistorical Site
Open all day Open 24 hours
Recommended sightseeing time:10-20 minutes
Zhanjiang City, Menggang Village, Weizhou Town, Zhanjiang CityMap

What travelers say:

Weizhou Island is not developed, suitable for us to like quiet and not too commercial people, 10 square kilometers, from the west to the east of the pier to see the sunrise is also 10 kilometers away. Comparing all the homestays with the island rating 4.5, I chose this Letu B&B closest to the pier, and offered a strategy. The boss is real, renting an electric car is affordable, and it is easy to play around Weizhou Island. The turtle city and the Bohai Stone Beach scenery are still very good. The sea level is endless, and the waves create thousands of layers of snow. 5 yuan experience intimate contact to feed the turtles. The fishing village of the Bohai and the fishing village of Cunliang see the fish catches on the fishing boat. Lighthouse, Songhuangjing came here to take a photo. After a visit, ride an electric bike back to the seafood stalls near the pier, and walk along Lover's Pier Avenue with fried ice after a meal, as if some of the unpleasantness of life had temporarily disappeared.


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Naozhou Lighthouse is located on Ma'an Mountain at an altitude of 81.6 meters on Naozhou Island. In 1898, the French colonists built this lighthouse, which took two years and two months to complete. It is one of the only two crystal lighthouses in the world at present. London Lighthouse and Cape of Good Hope Lighthouse are one of the three largest lighthouses in the world. The Naozhou Lighthouse is 23 meters high, 5 meters wide at the bottom and 4 meters wide at the top. The whole tower is made of granite. Speaking of "laying", in fact, it is completely stacked one by one without mud, and the stones are very consistent with each other and are integrated into one. The bottom of the tower is a square square pier, the upper part is a cone, and the top is a lamp holder room that protrudes from the tower body. At the bottom of the middle of the tower is a closed rotatable tray with built-in mercury, which supports the entire lamp holder. . The seat frame is composed of more than 160 arc-shaped crystal triangular prism lenses, which form a parabolic reflector body with a focal length of 2 meters. The centers of the circles on both sides of the seat frame are opposite to each other, and a convex lens is installed. A 400 kW fluorescent lamp hangs in the middle of the frame. The seat frame is driven by a motor and rotates at a speed of one revolution every 12 seconds. The powerful beams are refracted at different positions and angles through the crystal prism, and then collected on two convex lenses respectively, and radiated in the horizontal direction, with a range of 26 nautical miles.
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