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Lake Te KoutuNearby City

Lake Te Koutu

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"The spring beauty of the lotus lake—Cambridge Lake Te Koutu Cambridge Lake Te Koutu means Cambridge Lake Te Koutu in Chinese. The lake is not very big. Lake Te Koutu is in the middle of the mountain. If you describe it as a mountain, it is better to say that it is a hill. The mountain is not very high. It wraps Lake Te Koutu in an arc shape. Quiet water lilies: I went there in June. This season is when the water lilies are open. Standing on the shore and looking towards the middle of the lake, the water lilies in the middle are lying quietly there. They form a circle in the middle of the lake and set off against the whole lake. I saw the deep green lake, the tender green water lily leaves in the middle, and the small flowers blooming on the leaves, beautiful and layered. At this time, a dragonfly flew over the lake, it was not (flying) very low. Sweeping across the lake with a long tail, the originally calm lake was stirred up by a waterline by its long tail. Under the sunlight, the waterline exudes a dazzling light, which adds a sense of fun to the lake. At lunch, the grass by the lake was very open. We took out the disposable tablecloth and sat on the grass. There was a little guy in the group who dropped the food on the tablecloth while eating. A group of cute little ants came to the tablecloth (foraging). Reminder: The scenery on the lake is beautiful, remember to take more photos and bring a tent, you can stay here for one night. I heard from the locals that the fireflies at night are also beautiful. To"