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National Park
Whakarewarewa Thermal VillageNearby City

Whakarewarewa Thermal Village

4.4/564 Reviews
"Nature Reserve"
"National Park"
Ranked #12 in Rotorua Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 8:30am-5:00pm (Local time)
"Huaka Village is most famous for geothermal fountains, far away smelled faint or strong sulfur, many places under the ground with heat, a cluster of clouds and light. Some houses with bamboo pipes followed by geothermal, like smoke pipes. The interstitial spring is the most active in New Zealand. The smoky fountains are about ten meters high and are said to be 40 meters high, but only the mother of nature can know when the eruption will occur. We are lucky to see it. The most impressive is the champagne pool, the water bubble, the pool is not big, the color of the water tile blue, plus the edge of the white gas, is a blue gem, the pool surface is a group of white gas, actually no air when calm, micro-microwave lines, but most of the time the pool surface white smoke. The Champagne Pool also serves the same function, where Maori cooked green leafy vegetables, rootstocks and seafood. Now, for lunch, a fat man, with tattooed corn on his neck and arms, puts it in a bag and throws it into the pool. We chatted with him about the beautiful champagne pool, he said it was dangerous, the highest temperature was 95 degrees, must stand outside the pole. There was also a pool with a temperature of 120 degrees. There is a village public bath, early morning or late night naked bath, this pool oily water quality and sediment minerals are good for the body. Especially for arthritis, rheumatism."