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Popular Attractions in Austria

St. Stephen's Cathedral
500 Reviews
Stephen's Cathedral is a landmark in Vienna and one of the three cathedrals in Europe. It was built in 1147 and was built in the name of the Roman church. In the 14th century, Rudolf IV ordered a large-scale reconstruction. After being destroyed by the World War II, it was rebuilt and the Gothic Cathedral was formed. Stephen's Cathedral consists of a main building and three towers. The towering conical spires rush into the sky, the colorful roof inlaid with blue and yellow mosaic tiles shines in the sun, the armbands of the tiles and the representative The double-headed eagle of the Boothsburg dynasty is spectacular.
Hofburg Palace
420 Reviews
Michaelerkuppel, 1010 Wien
Schloss Belvedere
187 Reviews
The Belvedere Palace is a Baroque architectural palace in the heart of Vienna. It is known as the three major palaces of Vienna with the Hofburg Palace and Schönbrunn Palace. It was once the palace of Prince Eugen of the Habsburg dynasty. It is now the seat of the Austrian National Gallery. The Belvedere Palace is divided into the Upper Beauty Palace and the Lower Beauty Palace. Shangjing Palace was originally a place for banquet guests, and the lower view palace was originally the prince's living room, and now it has become an art museum. In addition to admiring the master's paintings, the architecture itself, interior design, sculpture, gardens, etc. are in Baroque style and are worth seeing.
Schonbrunn Palace
895 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
Schönbrunn Palace is a former summer residence of the Austrian royal family, the Habsburg family. It is located in the southwest of Vienna and is one of Austria’s cultural landmarks. The interior of the palace is extremely luxurious, featuring a sophisticated Rococo decor. The legendary empress Maria Theresa and her husband, King Franz I, lived here for many years and saw a huge remodel of the palace, its refurbishments still present today. The famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart once performed for the Austrian empress Maria Theresa here when she was a teenager. The palace building is surrounded by beautiful gardens, fountains and even a zoo on one side. Visitors can purchase tickets for the zoo separately.

Trip Moments

Austria Travel Guide | 5 days self-driving tour with local clothing wear
about the trip h
Day 1: Shanghai Moscow Vienna Vienna Airport
Day 2: Vienna Salzburg
Salzburg Castle - Salzburg's Old Town - Grain Hutong
Day 3: Salzburg Hallstatt
Salzburg Church - Mirabell Gardens - Hallstatt town of Hchstadt
Day 4: Hallstatt Vienna
Hallstatt day trip to Vienna
Day 5: Vienna
Schnbrunn Palace - shopping - Prater playground - Old Town
Suspension Vienna
Hallstatt must experience
in Hallstat The town must experience the local traditional costumes - Dirndl Dirndl. First popularize the Dirndl Dirndl, which consists of a shirt, a tight dress and an apron.
Dirndl shirt: Can't show off shoulders, but can't be shoulderless! Because not everyone's arms are suitable for short, delicate sleeves, this guideline applies to those women's shirts.
Dirndl tight dress: Dirndl's dress must be worn properly. Traditional tights are tied with hooks, buttonholes or ties. Never use a zipper!
Dirndl apron: aprons and petticoats are 3 cm shorter than the skirt. There is a fixed dress code for the apron section:
- sash bow on the left: wearer is single
- sash bow on the right: wearer is married or engaged
- sash with bow in front : The wearer is a girl
- with a bow in the back: the wearer is a widow
with Dirndl shoes: according to tradition, with Dirndl should wear closed shoes. Never wear open toe shoes, hate highs and lace-up sandals! In addition, the flat-bottom shoes are allowed to wear to moderate heels.
European driving tips
1.About parking: Paying on the meter payment machine, the operation method of different places may be different. Generally, the language is selected first, then the corresponding money is invested, and after the coin is completed, press Determine the button, the machine spits out a parking ticket, put the parking ticket in front of the windshield, and then dial the parking wheel to the parking time, you can go.
2. Europe is a car driver, seeing someone crossing the road to stop the car far away.
3. In general,
Posted: 15 Jul 2019
Traveling to the 8 cities of Eastern Europe, enjoying the beautiful blue Danube
Two European trips were handed over to the Viking Cruises. The two classic routes of the Rhine and Danube were not missed. The bad feeling is so good. I have already shared the environment on the cruise ship. I mainly shared the 11-day tour of the Danube. Now I am still in the eyes
Music City Visit the St. Stephen's Cathedral in the Old Town, the Princess Museum of the Hofburg Palace, the Palace of Fine Views of Schnbrunn Palace, and taste the local specialties with the Viking Reds, buy Swarovski, and listen to classical concerts
Day4Austria Spiez Town
The Danube River is also a winner. It is the Wachau Valley, which is naturally blended with the human landscape and historical sites. The cruise ship is docked next to the town of Spiez and strolls between the mountains and rivers. It is also one of Austria's famous wine regions, with local wines, apricot jam and chocolate
Day5 German Passau
Located at the intersection of the Danube, Incheon and Illz Rivers, it is also known as the Three Rivers City and is the origin of European cruise ships. It crosses the bridge and climbs the castle. The rainbow town of Baroque architecture has a panoramic view. The Danube confluence of the Three Rivers is distinct, and the east reaches the Austrian
Day6 Austrian Salzburg
music master Mozarts hometown. The Sound of Music movie captures the scene, and the Viking Cruises arranged for us. The venue can evoke the small "Sound of Music" concert we recalled. In the afternoon, we climbed the top of the castle overlooking the Alps and the panorama of Salzburg. It contains the charm of historical and cultural music
Day7 Czech Krumlov
Krumlov is recognized as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Since it has been away from modern civilization for more than 200 years, it has not been affected by the industrial revolution. The towns streets and buildings are preserved in medieval style, and the town is surrounded by the horseshoe-shaped, wide Vltava River, also known as Little Florence
Day8 Austria Melk
Melk Abbey, architectural style is the largest baroque building in Austria, Melk Abbey is located on the top of the mountain, the monastery overlooks the entire Danube
Day9 Slovakia Debra Deslava
St. Michal Street in the Old Town is also worth a visit, with narrow pedestrian streets, soft-coloured 18th-century Rococo buildings, and street-inspired bistros, so dont forget to visit The "man at work"
I woke up and arrived in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, which was crossed by the Danube River. The west bank of the river is called Buda and the east bank is called Pace. The bustling and bustling Pace is an administrative business and cultural center, where the Houses of Parliament and government agencies are mostly concentrated. The palace of Nabda, Fisherman's Bastion, and the parliament building of Pace, reflect the most beautiful picture of the deputy Budapest.
Every trip will be home to the end, only the Viking cruise ship seems to have a home in Europe, leaving me to be so reluctant
Posted: 29 Jun 2019
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