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Things To Do in Baden-Baden

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Hot Springs Resort
Ornamental Hot spring
__bRSoak in hot springs in modern Caracalla baths. We didn't take pictures, we took some pictures secretly. There are several large indoor and outdoor swimming pools with different temperatures. You can soak in different swimming pools according to your needs. There is also a sauna and so on. The spring water is a salt spring, which can treat heart disease, arthritis, rheumatism, etc. The Roman emperor used to come here to treat arthritis. After soaking for just an hour, the fatigue of a few days disappeared. You can also drink spring water, it doesn’t taste much like ordinary water
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Historical Site
甪璃露丽This bathhouse requires celestial bodies to bathe, and swimsuits are not allowed. Except for the separate bathing for men and women on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, the other days are mixed bathing for men and women. Open from nine in the morning to ten in the evening, and enter at least two hours in advance. The most basic bathing ticket is 25 euros per person, which can stay up to 3 hours, and the wristband is given to start timing, including the time to put on and take off clothes. You cannot take pictures inside, and you need to swipe the timing wristband to enter and exit the locker. There are a total of 17 steps in the bathing area, of which there are about 7 pools. Remember to follow the order of bathing in the room. There are warm water and cold springs in the pool, as well as two hot springs with massage function, one large and one small. A sauna room is more distinctive. It is a traditional sauna that retains the principles of 150 years ago. After all the bathing, you have to experience the three follow-up steps of wrapping in a hot towel, applying body milk and relaxing on a recliner. You can also drink a cup of hot tea in the lounge.
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Featured Neighbourhood
泡泡龙他爸Lichtentaler Allee starts from the Goethe Square at the intersection of Werder Street in the north, and further north is the Drinking Fountain and Leisure Palace, next to the Baden-Baden Theater. 350 years ago, this was just a trail of farmland and pasture in Pering. Nowadays, there are lush trees, flowing south parallel to the Oosbach creek, and then turning to the southeast, passing the botanical garden, and extending to the monastery. It is about 3 kilometers in length. It is Badenbaum. Climb the most famous green avenue. Along the way, there are small bridges and flowing water, tree-lined trees, large green spaces, idlers for walks, exercisers for jogging, and sometimes even horse-drawn carriages. The sound of gurgling water, soft mist, and crisp horseshoes are full of sentiment. There are also large and small museums along the road, such as the famous Burda Museum. Take a walk along the road in the early morning and watch the sun shine on the ancient buildings, bursting with golden light
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红桃KThe lake really didn’t turn around for ten minutes. There were some fairy tale characters and a mermaid that added a bit of fun. The weather was so good that day, it added beauty to the lake in your eyes. There is a children’s play place next to it. Adults can Have a drink in the sun by the lake. If you live nearby and you are not satisfied with the itinerary, you can check it out. One of the stops suitable for car travel. We drove from Renchtal and drove on the famous B500 highway in the Black Forest. The scenery is still beautiful.
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Recreation center
cruisorRight in the town center of Baden-Baden, it is open to visitors during the day for free, but it can only stop at the lobby, and children can also bring it in, but this is enough. Take a look at the magnificent decorations inside and sun on the lawn outside. So comfortable
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juki235The theater is located in the center of Baden-Baden, which is a rich German community. The theater is not very large. The architectural style is a combination of Baroque and Belle Epoque. In front of the theater is a large square, which is said to be very lively during Christmas.

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Evangelische StadtkirscheBaden-Baden,Germany

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Theater Baden-BadenBaden-Baden,Germany

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The Baden-Baden CasinoBaden-Baden,Germany

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Alter Schlossweg 10Baden-Baden,Germany

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