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Observation Deck
Puzhe Black Swan Lake –Viewing PlatformNearby City

Puzhe Black Swan Lake –Viewing Platform

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"Observation Deck"
""Western Wilderness Wetland" 📍 Location: The Puzhehei Scenic Area is closer to Xianrendong Village 🛵 Transportation: It is the most convenient to choose to ride in the past, except for the battery bike area and the Swan Lake area, you can basically shuttle freely; there is no shuttle bus. There is still a certain distance from the homestay area, and private cars outside the village may not be able to enter. 🎏Special experience: Because the scenic spot did not let the swan go outside the wetland to freely move, even if you go in, you can't see it, so I just rode a small electric donkey and walked around the wetland. 🉑Recommendation reason: There are still many hydrophilic platforms where you can get close to the beautiful ecology of the wetland. The lake is unabashedly clear, and small fishes and shrimps can be seen swimming around. The surface of the lake was brighter than the mirror of the sky, reflecting the same picture almost completely. Contiguous clusters of lotus leaves spread over half of the lake like a fairy from the air, forming a three-dimensional design style with hills, reeds, and trees, with different heights and heights. It must be a happy and wonderful thing to row a boat here. ♥️♥️♥️It is also known as the hometown of Ashima, the goddess of the Sani people of the Yi nationality. The natural material is abundant, and the beauty that can be touched is all fascinating."