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Erlang Waterfall

Erlang Waterfall

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"[Erlang Waterfall Attractions] Detailed address: Jingxi City S325 (river road) Traffic Approach, Baise City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region: It is recommended to drive to, navigation Erlang Waterfall can be, the map shows "under construction" but it is only a narrow road, not under construction. Opening time: full day entrance price: free highlights feature: in the air, the waterfall is located in the mountains, mostly karst and karst topography. The river flows from west to the nantan gequan, the waterfall is located in the middle of two mountains, there are many layers of waterfalls, called Longmen Falls, there is a Longmen stone arch bridge over the waterfall, the model is simple and elegant, the typical small bridge flowing scenery, the bridge's two sides ancient trees, jungle. There are three levels of waterfalls, and the top can see the older arch bridge. Erlang waterfall is not as rapid as Aib waterfall, the drop is slightly higher than Aib waterfall. It should not be a full-water period yet, because the waterfalls have a cut-off section in the middle of each level, and if the water is large, it should be more spectacular. Small tips: map can be navigated to, go to the village door, it is written that "in-built" actually did not build, is the road is too narrow, from the entrance into the village, can meet the car not many places. From the entrance to the village, 1km, from the field to the waterfall, 1km, the village can also reverse the car, the field to the waterfall head on the bridge, there is only one place that can be used."