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Things To Do in Baiyu

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境无界As the largest collection of books in the whole Tibetan area, the Dege Printing Institute, with the roots of wolf poison flower as raw materials made paper to cut, and then use the traditional artifice engraving printing technology, the final printing washed dry.
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CD云上Que'ershan tunnel, the last time I passed here is still being built, this time the tunnel has been opened, it is too convenient, I feel that there is no mountain over, has already passed Que'ershan, and such a large project has not yet to pass the toll.
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CD云上Ganzi Temple passed several times did not come in, this National Day to the stone canal play, passed here decided to come in to see, outside the temple to look up quite momentum, inside relatively large, few tourists, almost all believers in the inside pray for the Buddha.
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enjoyzent"Zanduo Cuonama", meaning green gem, 3900 meters above sea level, the lake is not big, but her jasper-like lake crystal clear, will blue sky, white clouds, green trees, green mountains, temples in a group of arms, the shadows of charming demeanor, weather thousands of, is known as "world wonderland, nine days of Dianchi Lake." Because the scenery is beautiful, the photos taken are also durable, now share with friends.
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青仙CyanUnder the blue sky, thousands of kilometers of red wooden houses, a few magnificent halls, it is hidden deep in the mountains of the world's largest Tibetan Buddhist Academy. Here people do only one thing all day, is practice. Away from the earthly cumbersome. Along the winding hills southwest of the tower overlooks the entire Buddhist Academy, which is a great photo opportunity. There is a shuttle bus down the mountain, and if you have enough time, it is highly recommended to take a walk, which is a wonderful experience for both the visual and the spiritual.
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Memorial Hall
欲飞的鸟Along National Highway 317, when the car reaches the intersection of Ganzi County, you can see a group of huge statues standing in front of you, with two characters "Ganzi" written on the base. Oh, Ganzi is here. On the statue are the commander-in-chief of the Red Army Zhu De and the fifth living Buddha of Geda. Not far from here, there is a memorial hall displaying their unforgettable friendship and touching stories more than 80 years ago... In early March 1936, Zhu De led the Red Fourth Army to the Ganzi area of Sichuan and decided to stay here for a short time. During this period, the Red Army propagated the idea of going north to resist Japan and liberating the poor people, and won the support of the local Tibetan and Han people, and the Red Army and the Tibetan people established a deep friendship. "Commander-in-Chief Zhu De and the Fifth Geda Living Buddha Memorial Hall" was inscribed by the then General Secretary Jiang Zemin.

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