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Religious Sites
Guanyin CaveNearby City

Guanyin Cave

4.4/528 Reviews
"Geological Sites"
Ranked #5 in Guiyang Important Religious Institutions
"There was a hut next to the cave. It was a canopy during the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty. It was built during the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty. It was built in the Daoguang, Guangxu and Xuantong periods. In 1983, the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts carved a Guanyin statue in the main hall. solemn. Behind the cave is shaded by ancient trees, boulders are stacked, and there are four characters in the book "Reappearance of Tuas". Hidden in Gassho Peak, the cave is 113 meters high, 76 meters deep, and 14 meters wide. A nine-story pavilion is built on the rocks. It is the first cave in Yandang Mountain. Enter the mountain gate and you will see the Palace of Heavenly Kings. From the foot of the mountain, you have to go through the 403-level stone steps to reach the top hall. The main hall enshrines the sitting statue of Guanyin Bodhisattva, and there are eighteen arhat statues next to it. Three hundred Yingzhens have been added to the rock wall, which shows a Buddhist atmosphere. There are three springs on the roof of the cave, named Xixin, Shuyu, and Shibu. Looking up at the top of the cave, there is a small hole in the middle, which is more than a square meter long, three or four feet long, with a ray of sky falling down, called "a line of sky." Looking towards the outer rock wall on the seventh floor, a Guanyin finger can be seen on the left hand side, the side Guanyin statue can be seen in it, and the Ksitigarbha statue can be seen on the right hand side. Guanyin Cave, which has been full of tourists since the Tang Dynasty, was built in 1106. The Guanyin Cave was originally called Lingfeng Cave, which was later changed to Luohan Cave and then to Guanyin Cave (in the Qing Dynasty)."