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Bamberg Altstadt
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Ancient Settlement
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Klein Venedig
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Neue Residenz
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Trip Moments

Shirley Zhu   
Bamberg, a medieval town with a thousand years of history, has shown us an extraordinary magical color. Although Bamberg is not small, but the old town is not big, walking around to visit various attractions. With good physical strength, you can climb Mount Michel on foot and stand in the garden of the monastery, overlooking the panoramic view of the red tops of Bamberg. However, because the terrain has ups and downs, it will take some effort. This may not be a destination familiar to tourists, but definitely worth a visit. Almost all the people I have been to have praised her, and even some people call her "the most beautiful small town in Germany." We have seen the fairytale heavenly Rothenburg and Dinkelsbill, and then indulge in the lakes and mountains at the foot of the Alps; finally, back to the same kind of fairy tale Bamberg, everything is perfect. She has the shadow of Rothenburg and Wrzburg, but she is unique. Bamberg is also very photographed, a fairytale-like lodge, a criss-crossing alley on the Regnitz River, especially the seven hills of Bamberg, each with a church. This veritable church city, the city's architectural layout is diverging, the spires are everywhere, the hills and the center are all occupied by God, and only the other side of the Regnitz River at the foot of the mountain is the living area of the citizens. The shops, restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, and handicraft shops along the street are dazzling. When you come to Bamberg, you will have a unique advantage. Traveling in the streets of Bamberg is like entering a dream world. The scenery of the city and its beauty. Whether it's a restaurant or a monument, every building is exquisite and completely invisible to any modern building. The whole city gives a relaxed and simple aesthetic. I think for these reasons too, Bamberg is widely regarded as one of the most attractive cities in Germany. There are not many people who will include Bamberg in the itinerary, but it is the place I fell in love with. Anyone who has been to this small town will not praise it. It is a unique and unique Bavarian little Venice. It is also a medieval town that has never changed its appearance for more than a thousand years. It is just a stop on your way to travel, but year after year, it is always there, let it be Reggae. The Nitz River flows quietly.
Posted: 5 Jul 2019
Shirley Zhu   
The Gothic old town hall was built in 1462. There are beautiful sculptures on the doorway of the bridge, and there are murals on the outer wall (there is a little angel who "extends the legs out of the wall"). The structure is very strange, it is located on the river and the bridge, like a moored ship. The wall is a beautiful mural. The best place to enjoy the Old Town Hall is the short Geyersworthsteg pedestrian bridge on the Regnitz River in the southeast. Many postcards printed in the old town hall of Bamberg are taken on the bridge. . As long as you look at the footbridge before the afternoon, it is all right, it is very suitable for taking photos. It is worth mentioning that the walls of this old town hall are painted with exquisite murals. In addition to the flat murals, if you look closely, you can also see a little angel at the bottom of the mural, sticking his foot out of the wall and forming A 3D effect. And the relief on the bell tower is also very delicate. was originally attracted by a photo of the old town hall under the blue sky and decided to come to Bamberg. When you witnessed it, the old town hall showed the typical German-style wooden truss architecture style, small and cute; the rivers on both sides rushed past, the gorgeous walls made people shine, and coincided with the Baroque style of the whole town. . The domineering power of the year, the city hall that forced the secular regime to build under the helpless situation, became a beautiful landscape of Bamberg after hundreds of years. In addition to the old town hall itself, the scenery that looks out on both sides of the bridge will not disappoint. The well-developed water system is blessed by Bamberg. The Regnitz River flows from the southeast through the city centre, and the northwest of the city and the Main River converge near this small town. Many of the buildings in the small town are built on the waterfront, and people can come by the waterfront. Visitors who come here can take a stroll on the shore, or take a boat trip to see the scenery of the water on both sides of the Regnitz River.
Posted: 5 Jul 2019
Shirley Zhu   
Originally thought that this is just a fairy tale town like Rothenburg, after seeing a beautiful statue and Baroque architecture, I realized that this is a real medieval city. In 1007, the Holy Roman Emperor Henry II elevated it to the seat of the Lord and the Emperor, and built a "new Roman city." For a long time after that, Bamberg became the religious and political center of Europe, and a large number of outstanding German architects inspired here, leaving an innumerable collection of fine art in the history of architecture. To this day, the old town of Bamberg still houses a large number of famous buildings in ancient Rome, Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance styles. The new Royal Palace, located opposite the Cathedral, is the most outstanding representative of Bamberg's Baroque architecture era. The Roman Emperor Henry II raised Bamberg to the main parish in 1007. The new royal palace has been the official residence of Bishop Bamberg since its completion in 1703. Compared to the old palace of Wei Ran, the new palace is romantic and beautiful, and now the new palace is also transformed into a museum. The back garden of the new royal palace overlooking the Church of St. Michel is a very beautiful scene in Bamberg. Next to the cathedral is the old palace and the new palace. The old palace is a Renaissance style, and the interior of the palace has now been transformed into a museum. There is a delicate "beautiful door". Today it is a particularly quiet and charming courtyard, the old house is a classic wooden frame structure, and a balcony full of flowers. Since the 13th century, the bishops of Bamberg have been the kingdoms of the kingdom, and the political and religious integration, so a lot of wealth is spent on various buildings. Although the old palace today does not look so grand, it looks like an ordinary courtyard. Closed doors, still blooming flowers, it is difficult to tie this seemingly special courtyard to the former bishop's former palace. Because the positive value is autumn, the rose in the rose garden is not so large. But the fine and elegant sculptures in the flowers can still reveal the glory of that city. The garden is halfway up the hill and overlooks the entire Bamberg. Although the vision is certainly not as good as the St. Michael's Abbey, it is not bad for people like us who have no chance to climb, but also a stretch of red roof.
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