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Things To Do in Baoxing

214 Reviews
333bbbAt the beginning of November, I came to Shenmulei with beautiful autumn scenery and good luck. The weather is sunny and the autumn is cool. It is very suitable for taking beautiful photos. The yew is beautiful under the sun. The top of the mountain is the original ecological grassland, wetland, and free grazing Sheep, the scenery is beautiful, the scenery is good, the overall is amazing, interesting and fun, cost-effective, and a very pleasant trip.
Mount Dawagengzha
98 Reviews
磨人的小胖妞"Beautiful mountain" Dava more Za, suddenly fire, the scenery is still beautiful and magnificent, worth a visit. Personal foolishness, half of the mountainside scenery is more charming, white clouds, against the blue sky green trees, like a fairyland. Of course, if you catch the early bus, you may see the stars and the sunrise. Make sure you have your guide in advance, including possible altitude sickness, down jackets, sunscreen, water and food.
Bifengxia Wildlife Park
2,703 Reviews
m67***11Went on the National Day holiday. Buying tickets is very convenient and fast. You need to queue up and down to ride the slides, which was delayed for more than half an hour. Sightseeing cars and animal behavior shows are mandatory and are bound to the tickets. It is recommended to bring children to upgrade to purchase a feeding cart, which will give you a beef and an apple to feed you lions, tigers and bears. Each type will stay for one minute for you to feed, but the child wants to feed it. In addition, what is different from other zoos is that many animals can be fed, a package of food is 10 yuan, and alpaca, peacock, sika deer, etc. can be fed along the way. Children like it very much. There is no need to buy a small sightseeing car, there are many people in line, and it takes only half an hour to walk there, and there are animals to see along the way. The three performances are simply circus, and they are all simple actions that children like. In general, it's worth taking the kids. There are not many restaurants in the park, but the price is not high. If you're hungry, buy it quickly, otherwise you don't know how long it will take for the next restaurant.
Xiling Snow Mountain
8,080 Reviews
Snow Mountain
M16***18The scenery is very good, the snow is white, there are many recreational activities on the mountain, among which the more interesting is to ski grass, has been rotating.
Bifengxia Giant Panda Base
3,314 Reviews
judy5430Run to Ya'an Panda Base, by the way to Bifeng Gorge, have to say, Bifeng Gorge will be a pretty good summer resort, especially close to Chengdu. My friends and I like to hike, but the time is a bit insufficient. I only chose a long canyon 7.5 km. The slope in the canyon is not big. It is very fast to hike along the stream. There are guardrails along the way, and it feels very safe. The canyon is a few waterfalls along the way. Bailongtan Waterfall is quite big here. The waterfall is very high. It is almost nine or ten levels. The winter water volume is small and is enough to be spectacular. The signs along the canyon are clear, and even a person walking the canyon will be very rest assured.
Tiantai Mountain
976 Reviews
Tom84114This Tiantai Mountain is not the other Tiantai Mountain, and Li Bai will not come to this Kaka Cape, so the sleepwalking Tianma can only dream. Qionglai Tiantai is well-known in Sichuan. The waterfalls and fireflies in summer are fascinating. A few years ago, I wrote such a small pian prose on the Xiangshui Waterfall in Tiantai Mountain: [笑笑][笑笑]The sound of water, Jin Longfei Waterfall also. The bamboo and cypress reflect each other, the strange rocks are rugged, the water hits the water in the middle, and the sky comes from the sky, like a white horse, the rainbow pierces the sun, and the comet hits the moon. At the head of the waterfall, thousands of horses are galloping, the sea is overturned, and the dragon is in the sky. The broken jade is floating in the waterfall, clear in one breath, swaying with the wind. The tail of the waterfall splashed with pearls and jade, and went straight into Longtan without a trace. Standing under the waterfall, there are layers of mist and cool breeze, which makes people unable to stand. Looking down at Bitan, the heat is gone; sighing upwards at the waterfall, expressing bluntly. There were layers of mist in front of me, thunder thundering in my ears. In ancient times, there were people who listened to the waves and listened to the pine, who ever listened to Lei Rusi. 1. Location and transportation: On the Qionglai Mountains, it is directly accessible by high speed. The surrounding area is Pingle Ancient Town, one of the four ancient towns in the middle of Sichuan. It’s high. After it’s built in recent years, you can’t drive directly up the mountain. You have to take its small bus and pay more; 4. Scenery: There are many waterfalls, of course not as good as those in Guizhou. There are many around Chengdu, and the vegetation is lush. Drink in summer Tea is more suitable to escape the heat; there are many fireflies, according to them, it is the largest firefly viewing spot in Asia, and I have not experienced it at night; there are many temples, a good place to burn incense and worship Buddha; overall, the price is average, but it is a place to go sooner or later around Chengdu . Four-star recommendation. [Happy][smiley][happy][smiley][happy][smiley]

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Dongla Mountain Canyon
Dongla Mountain CanyonYa'an,China

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Panda Ancient City
Panda Ancient CityYa'an,China

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Mount Dawagengzha
Mount DawagengzhaYa'an,China

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Mar 4, 2021
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