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Classical Architecture in Barcelona


Sagrada Familia

2,741 Reviews
2.1km from downtown
Churches and Cathedrals
Claire Fan
"[I have never seen a building with such a long construction cycle in China] The Sagrada Familia, the legacy of Gaudi, which started construction before 137, is still growing up in the sky, and it will grow for a hundred years. . ."

Casa Mila

1,622 Reviews
1.5km from downtown
Featured Neighbourhood
"The roofs of the apartments are staggering, and the whole building is dynamic, like the rough sea. The building has no - one is right angle, which is also the biggest feature of Gaudi's work, because Gaudi believes that: "Straight lines belong to humans and curves belong to God." Barcelona Mila House (Casa Mila)• Attractions: Gracia Avenue, Eixample Extension, located in downtown Barcelona, Spain (Passeig de Gracia)to• Cultural information: The home of Zimila, as the name implies, is Mila's home, built between 1906-1912 years, located at the corner of Gracia Avenue, was the time the rich Pere • Mila (Pere Mila) asked Gaudi to design and remodel. Zi Antonio • The biggest feature of Gaudi's architecture is to imitate nature, and he expresses his love for nature in his own architecture. At the entrance of the Mila House, each visitor can collect a guide and can locate it automatically. According to the location of the visitor, the content of the guide will be different."

Casa Batlló

1,607 Reviews
1km from downtown
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
Historical Architecture
"I have not been abroad since the Spring Festival in 2020. The epidemic has recently worsened. I stayed at home and looked at old photos. Barcelona, which is one of my favorite cities, is the most impressive work of Gao Gaudi. The Bartero House is one of his masterpieces. It is very good."

Park Guell

1,475 Reviews
3.7km from downtown
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
City Park
"Built in 1903, Guerre Park was designed to be a noble residential area embraced by the natural environment, attracting the city's new bourgeoisie and the great industrialists. Although Gordy the genius of the project has planned a wonderful and strange scheme for the residential area, the project cannot continue because of the responsible procedures of the land sale, the lack of supporting transportation facilities and the peculiarity of the residential area itself. The whole area became a park in 1914. In this fairytale park that seemed to be created for children, the most fascinating nature is the large platform overlooking the Mediterranean, with a circle of seats in a colorful patchwork of broken tiles that created a fascinating color effect. The halls beneath the platform were columned like forests, with stars visible from the top. The most popular group photo of the park is the spitting dragon at the entrance (many people think it is a dragon) The whole park architecture inherited Gaudi's style, all designs from nature. The most beautiful moment is when the sun is setting, watching the sun will be the whole city and the sea to plaster into a warm gold."

Guell Palace

139 Reviews
690m from downtown
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
"We went on the day it was free, and as the queue drew near to the unremarkable "Palace", from the moment we saw the gate and looked up at the Palace of Guell, it was surrounded by wrought iron decorations of all kinds. A heavy feeling has been felt when you see marble floors and walls, wooden framed doors, windows and iron fences. The wooden ceiling also makes it seem more calm and quaint. Into the central hall, its parabolic arches are ingeniously designed, and the arches and columns are clearly influenced by the Alhambra. The chimneys of all shapes are like a root of ice cream in the roof, and the ancestors of the bold chimneys of Gaudi's designs. The Batro House, Mira's apartments, use this design. Gaudi's love of porcelain-crushing collages are also the first large-scale use here. The curves of the staircases surround the floors. The ingenious use of wall tiles has produced unexpected expression. The stables in the basement were also novel, and the whole building looked as if he was beginning to resist the barbaric growth of the bizarre and exaggerating building, which was just his work in his 30s."

Casa Vicens

62 Reviews
2.8km from downtown
Historical Architecture
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
"Gaudí creatively added the Moroccan, Egyptian and Indian architectural features, with arches, towers, domes, mosaic tile exterior walls and other elements full of exotic style."

Casa Calvet

15 Reviews
648m from downtown
Historical Architecture
"The works of Gaudí in the city center are full of the design sense of nature and ocean, and are full of ingenious ideas of architecture and art. The audio guide and VR are very interesting and you can learn a lot. It is recommended to buy tickets in advance to avoid the pain of queuing."