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Beihai Old Street
Beihai Old Street is a street with a hundred years of history. The roads are lined with buildings on both sides. The carvings are exquisite, the lines are smooth, and the mottled walls seem to tell the vicissitudes of the past 100 years. It was once the most prosperous neighborhood in the North Sea. Whether it is a FIT or a tour group, every visitor does not seem to miss the sight of Old Street. It is like a city sign in the North Sea, attracting many tourists to visit. You don't need to buy tickets to avoid the group tourists. It is recommended to come here every morning and evening, and you can listen to the old street quietly. There are still many Aboriginal people living on this street. Their lives don't seem to be disturbed by the arrival of tourists. The old people who are swaying on the loungers, singing together, eating, chatting, playing cards Residents, etc., these can be the theme in the lens of photography enthusiasts, tourists regard them as scenery, they regard tourists as passengers. Because the Vietnamese port in Beihai is close, so you can buy many Vietnamese specialties on this street. The price is not cheap, but it is also a good choice as a gift. There are a lot of things to eat on the old street. Here, you can eat a variety of local delicacies such as spicy snails, shrimp cakes, pork feet and so on. Fortunately, there are not many shops lined up, the only Li Aunt shrimp cake. It was a long queue. Shrimp cake is one of the specialty snacks of Beihai. The delicious shrimp is wrapped in flour, served with seasoning, and tumbling in hot oil. It is crispy and crispy. Shrimp cakes must be eaten when they are hot, and they feel a little greasy when they are cold. The old street is not long, you can go shopping and take pictures. You can get it in up to 2 hours.
Beihai is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in China. It is an important starting port for the ancient Maritime Silk Road. It is also the favorite place to travel when it was a small time. At that time, a young and old family came together for the weekend, old street, silver. The pearls on the beach, the underwater world, and everywhere are the best memories of this place. The first stop to Beihai is Beihai Old Street, an old street with a history of more than 100 years. It was built in 1883 and is 1.44 kilometers long and 9 meters wide. The streets are full of Chinese-Western architecture. Most of these buildings are two to three stories. They are mainly influenced by Western scroll-style buildings such as the consulates built by Ye Ying, France, Germany and other countries in the late 19th century. Now they have been transformed into gourmet shops, snacks and coffee shops. Wait, wandering in the mottled streets, very feeling. The next step is to go to the famous Beihai Silver Beach. Beihai Yintan is a must-see for everyone to visit the North Sea. The beaches of Yintan are wide and the sand is soft and white. Because of the gentle terrain, the seawater here is fast and the tide is slow, so the swimming safety factor is very high, and the tide has just receded. Strolling on the flat and wide beaches, even the footprints will not stay, only the delicate white sand is shining in the sun. This is the most desirable travel destination in my childhood. The happiest thing is to come here for an afternoon with a small bucket of shovel.
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