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Dangars FallsNearby City

Dangars Falls

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"Mo is a human broker, the most beautiful scenery in the mountains in Australia during the time is the most difficult time for our family, the husband's economy has problems, thinking that he has not been to Amidale for a long time, should relax and relax, We took our children to Dangars Falls. We drove to Dangers Falls parking lot and we chose to walk. Take a little attention because of the children, because there is no guardrail on the edges, so prevent careless people from falling into the fresh air. Walking along, we will see a metal bridge, we walked over, just as we saw a snake sunbathing at the bridge, be careful, don't disturb it. Here, nature and animals are harmonious, we are just guests, so be careful with them. Walking across the bridge, there will be a 100-meter path, there will be a lovely "rocky wallabies lookout", about 120 meters, so the view of the bottom of the mountain can still see most of the scenery. The trees on the side are very lush, so climbing the mountain also feel very cool, his mood also slightly relaxed. On the road will see some introduction signs, introducing the trees, so don't worry about yourself is an illiterate. [Lookout] back to the path, continue to go forward. We'll find another fork in the road, and then we'll come to the MacRiggett Observatory. We can take a little rest. After all, there's a long way to go on the top of the mountain. Continue along the Salisbury Trail and follow the arrow to the Observatory of the Falls, which is our highest point. It's a great place for a picnic (no tables there, only wood sitting) and you can see Hillgrove and Blue Cave lookouts under the valley, and Mihi Falls on the other side of the valley. So here we can lie and groan, there was only one couple on the day we went, so we enjoyed the quiet mountaintop time. Kids were quiet, birds would fly to us and watch us, don't scare them. The waterfall on the side is a little dry, the water flow is not very large, but the magnitude of the splendor is amazing. You will not regret seeing the waterfall under the action of nature. Walking back down the way back, 3 hours with beautiful views, seeing wildlife, hardly any ups and downs this was a gentle and pleasant walk. Once down, feel your heart calmed up, there is no going to be any hard-won in the world, come on. [TIP] Time: More than three hours of traffic: It is recommended to drive time and tickets: free 18.00 after not allowed to go up"