Big Bear Lake
San Bernardino County
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Things To Do in Big Bear Lake

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Todemmy[Scenery] The Big Bear Lake Zoo is located in the Big Bear Lake scenic area at an altitude of 7,000 feet. Many disabled animals are raised here. [Fun] Driving from the foot of the mountain all the way up the mountain, the beautiful scenery outside the mountain is fascinating, and you will pass by Lake Arrowhead along the way. The lake is also very clear. There are not many tourists here, so you can visit if you are interested.
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City Park
137***66[Scenery] This is the first park encountered after entering the lake area. There are many benches in this park for people to sit down and eat. There are also beautiful resorts/cabins here, overlooking the lake, there are many good scenes for taking photos ;). [Fun] There is a small pier that can be watered, so fishing is also good. The pier is a bit steep at first, so it is impossible or difficult to push strollers and the like. This is a great place to relax, have breakfast and serve as a starting point for other activities.
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Outdoor skiing
137***66I discovered that one day people can walk up the hillside and take the elevator for free! It took me more than half an hour to reach the top of the mountain and saw a deer within a few minutes of walking. A bit steep, but totally feasible. The breeze is blowing and the scenery is pleasant. I met a dog in the restaurant and went to a gift shop, where I found a few pairs of T-shirts cleared, and a cool ball cap for my husband as a birthday present. In addition, I bought a packet of salted toffee that I had never tasted before. Enjoying the fun of cycling, the cyclists I met along the way were kind to me but surprised at my climbing behavior. I hope to play again when I have more time and explore more on the top of the mountain.
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Bobby-CBig Bear Lake is the back garden of Los Angeles people-the cool and pleasant, rosy-scented Big Bear Lake, enjoy the sound of the sun and the falling leaves; whether it is for looking for autumn leaves on the lakeside, or just looking for a place to be with friends and relatives By the way, Big Bear Lake is the closest colorful destination to Southern California.
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大西子_0This place is worth a visit, you can take a walk here. It is still very interesting, very worthwhile, very interesting place.
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Cable Car
love is blueIf you come to Palm Springs, you must take the aerial tramway once. The scenery is incredible. There are various trails on the top of the mountain. We chose to loop around the valley, which I found to be a bit challenging, but the overall view is quite beautiful. The desert trails are beautiful and convenient for hiking.

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Snow SummitSan Bernardino County,United States

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Art GardenSan Bernardino County,United States

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Big Bear Alpine ZooSan Bernardino County,United States

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Big Bear Discovery CenterSan Bernardino County,United States

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Boulder Bay ParkSan Bernardino County,United States

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Big Bear Lake Visitor CenterSan Bernardino County,United States

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