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About Boluo

Boluo County is located in the central eastern part of Guangdong Province, northeast of the Pearl River Delta. Boluo County is rich in tourism resources. Luofu Mountain, one of the famous Taoist mountains in China, is located here. Luofu Mountain has a pleasant climate throughout the seasons and is a great summer resort. It is known as the “First Mountain South of Nanling.” The poems written by Su Dongpo have made Luofu Mountain even more famous. In addition, Boluo also has attractions such as Yuanyin Ancient Temple, Jiutian Taoist Temple and Ancient City Wall.

Popular Attractions in Boluo

Luofu Mountain
2,210 Reviews
Luofu Mountain, also known as Mount Dongqiaoshan, consists of Mount Luoshan and Mount Fushan. It is located in the town of Changning, Boluo County, Huizhou. It has abundant rainfall, a pleasant climate, and thousands of herbaceous plants and fruits. It is a treasure trove of natural resources in Lingnan. Mount Luofushan is divided into three scenic spots: Zhuming Cave, Huanglongguan and Huashoutai. It is recommended to spend 2 days to visit Huanglongguan and Zhuming Cave.
Hallstatt Town
561 Reviews
Hallstatt Town is located in Boluo County, Huizhou. The town is a recreation of Hallstatt, Austria. The lawn, square, and European architecture feels like Europe, along with the street cafes, art shops, and white churches. The wax museum has many wax figures of celebrities and historical figures for you to take photos with. There are many play items in the ice and snow kingdom, such as bumper cars on ice, rotating slides, etc., and you can experience it with interest.
Leigong Gorge Drifting
166 Reviews
Leigong Gorge Rafting is located in the famous Huizhou Xiangtou Forest Park in the town of Boluo Taimei. It is a large-scale integrated ecological tourism area (Leigong Gorge drifting area in Huizhou) integrating leisure, tourism, vacation and sightseeing. The rafting river passes through several natural landscapes. Along the way, the ten-mile bamboo covers the area, and the valley air is fresh, and the clear streams exude natural reiki.
Nali Huakai Theme Park
299 Reviews
Botanical Garden
Nali Huakai Theme Park is located at the foot of Huizhou's famous Luofu Mountain. Come here to be surrounding by mountains, water and fresh air. There are several European-style buildings in the park. It's like a manor in a European town. Walk through the park, and you can view gesang flowers, lavender, rose and foxgloves. Immerse yourself in a colorful world of flowers and gaze at the panoramic peak of Luofu Mountain. There is also a well-equipped children’s playground, which is a great place for family fun.

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Boluo Weather

9 Aug 2020
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Trip Moments

The Austrian town around Guangzhou, Shenzhen, can be driven in 2 to 3 hours from Guangzhou and Shenzhen to Boluo County on Huizhou Road. There is a town that draws on Austrian architectural style - Minmetals Haasht Tower Special, very suitable for taking pictures. Combined with local characteristics, it covers an area of nearly 1 million square meters and is surrounded by mountains on three sides. It has 170,000 square meters of original inner lake. . We found this place on the way to Huizhou and came by car. The town of Hastat is a little further away from the ticketing point. We took a free tourist bus and entered a green corridor leading to a bridge at the entrance to the town, opposite the tallest church steeple. . We didn't follow the crowd to the center of the town, but instead walked around the no-man's place. Instead, we found several arches that are more suitable for photographing on an unmanned promenade. . . Going out from the arch and continuing to the front is the glass path. If you want to go to the glass path, you need to buy a special ticket. We were not interested in this kind of attraction, just looking for a photo under the shade of the trees. The location, using drones to help us to survey records. came to the central square of the town, there is a European statue, the fountain behind it has no water. Both sides are Austrian-style buildings, and the first floor has become a coffee shop and gift shop. This scene is indeed a European-style Chinese building. Location: Baidu map search MinmetalsHastatt to the scenic gate Tickets: Hastat is originally a European-style residential area, no charge at first Since the "4A" scenic spot was awarded in October 2015, it has closed the door to charge for ticket sales. Usually 20 yuan / person, weekend 30 yuan / person, I thought that not many people came, but came to see it and found that this place also attracted a lot of tourists. Time: Come early, people are a little less, noon hot : : : : : : : : : : : : : Specially take photos and consider carefully.
Posted: 21 Jun 2019
The gate of Zhumingdong Scenic Spot in Luofu Mountain is magnificent and majestic, blending Ming and Qing architectural styles and antique. Huizhou's summer is particularly hot, but this still does not stop me from climbing the foothills of Luofu Mountain. It is located in the south-central part of Lingnan, sitting in the South China Sea in Daya Bay, adjacent to Huizhou West Lake. When you walk into Luofu Mountain, you need to take a section of the road and walk in In the shade of the trees, it suddenly refreshed a lot. The Luofu Mountain cableway, the open box that is in contact with nature, looks green and flies with the birds, breathes in the fresh air and enjoys the gentle breeze. . . On a hot day, I climbed Luofu Mountain, but I was physically active. I originally wanted to climb to the top of the mountain and use the drone to take a panoramic view. It just happened to fly out and there was a malfunction. It may be because there is a signal tower nearby, and the magnetic field interference is too serious. It will not listen to it, immediately rely on its own flight experience to manually control, let it slowly come back, now think about it is still thrilling, the drone is most afraid of not crash, the most worried is the collision. Luofu Mountain is one of the top ten famous Taoists in China. It is also known as Dongpu Mountain. It is the seventh largest cave of Taoism, the 34th Fudi of the 72nd Fudi, and the first mountain of Lingnan. It is famous for its medicine market. Sima Qian once regarded Luofu Mountain as Yueyue, so Luofu Mountain is known as the first mountain in Lingnan. [Travel Tips]: It is recommended to go to Luofu Mountain in the morning. In the morning, there is not much air and good, the important thing is not so hot, then go down at noon, then eat a meal in the scenic spot, don't mention How beautiful.
Posted: 22 Feb 2019
Busy life always makes people want to escape, go to the beach to blow, or go to the European town to live. Without the pressure of time and money, the Minmetals Hastath in Huizhou has now created such a tourist area with a charming European town. Minmetals Hastat Austria's high-altitude villas, surrounded by mountains and natural lakes, with Austrian Hastat as the architectural blueprint, combined with Huizhou's half-city half-city lake endowment resources, aiming to create An authentic Austrian lake and mountain town. Walking on the streets of Minmetals town, you can see classical music and posters of modern drama, movies, dances, musicals, art exhibitions, concerts, and is a holy place for travel. The design of the town is based on Austrian classical music. The waltz, narrative, serenade, concerto, polka and other forms create a romantic, or romantic, or cheerful landscape. It tells the picturesque Austrian town. Beautiful scenery. [Travel Tips]: The town is not big, you can go shopping in a long time, it is very suitable for taking pictures, exudes the Austrian style, there are many wedding photos to come here to view, do not go on holidays, so you can only photograph people, people can not shoot To the scenery. [Address]: Wheatfield Ridge, Luoyang Town, Boluo County, Huizhou [ticket]: 30 yuan [traffic]: 1. Take the l1 road to the "Bolo Sports Center" station. 2. Take the bus from Huizhou Bus Station and get off at Boluo Stadium. The fare is 15 yuan, and then you can directly go to the entrance of Minas Town, Minmetals.
Posted: 22 Feb 2019 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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