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Can't Miss Attractions in Boluo

Luofu Mountain
3,053 Reviews
27.8km from downtown
"Parking car charges 20 yuan a car, walking out of sweat is still good, the ice cream bought along the road is more expensive, the price is not close to the people, but acceptable! It is recommended to bring your own food, it may be more practical!"

Reasons to Recommend: Luofu Mountain, also known as Mount Dongqiaoshan, consists of Mount Luoshan and Mount Fushan. It is located in the town of Changning, Boluo County, Huizhou. It has abundant rainfall, a pleasant climate, and thousands of herbaceous plants and fruits. It is a treasure trove of natural resources in Lingnan. Mount Luofushan is divided into three scenic spots: Zhuming Cave, Huanglongguan and Huashoutai. It is recommended to spend 2 days to visit Huanglongguan and Zhuming Cave.

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Hallstatt Town
703 Reviews
4.5km from downtown
"Not bad. Also called Austrian style town. 🌿 Austrian style town, a European town hidden in the vicinity. It is actually a real estate development project called Minmetals Hastat in Boro County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. The town mimics the Austrian town of Hastat in architectural form and layout, with all the signs, signs, phone booths, room sizes, color of the houses, flower baskets on the exterior walls, windows and even the roofs of the wells being built in a 1:1 ratio, so, Say it is a cloned version of the Austrian town of Hastatt for no reason 😄🌿 The town is not very big, it also crosses two streets, if you go to walk alone, an hour or two will be gone. It is very suitable for leisure and entertainment, drink coffee and daze, it is expected to be half a day, and the photo is good, you can pretend to be abroad. 🌿 In addition to Austrian architecture, there are music squares, beer squares, glass trestle, glass workshops and other special projects. Sometimes there will be performances here, if you are lucky, there will be some people who like music will play here. Ordering a cup of coffee, sitting quietly enjoying the music of others, and a daze is also a good choice. Because of the epidemic, there are very few people here.Enjoy slow life 🌿🌿🌹🌹##The beautiful moment of the grid#Afternoon teaGOGOGO##Guangdong Tourism"

Reasons to Recommend: Hallstatt Town is located in Boluo County, Huizhou. The town is a recreation of Hallstatt, Austria. The lawn, square, and European architecture feels like Europe, along with the street cafes, art shops, and white churches. The wax museum has many wax figures of celebrities and historical figures for you to take photos with. There are many play items in the ice and snow kingdom, such as bumper cars on ice, rotating slides, etc., and you can experience it with interest.

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Nali Huakai Theme Park
531 Reviews
26.1km from downtown
Botanical Garden
"Dinosaur Park has a net red bridge Hakka farm fruit is auspicious under Luofu Mountain scenery is beautiful for taking pictures. Children can be close to nature and pick tomatoes and carambola. There are also punch cards for gift exchange."

Reasons to Recommend: Nali Huakai Theme Park is located at the foot of Huizhou's famous Luofu Mountain. Come here to be surrounding by mountains, water and fresh air. There are several European-style buildings in the park. It's like a manor in a European town. Walk through the park, and you can view gesang flowers, lavender, rose and foxgloves. Immerse yourself in a colorful world of flowers and gaze at the panoramic peak of Luofu Mountain. There is also a well-equipped children’s playground, which is a great place for family fun.

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Xiangshuihe DriftingClosed
95 Reviews
17.3km from downtown
"The rafting route is relatively long, the whole journey takes about 3 hours, online booking will be cheaper than on-site booking, but you need to book two hours in advance, there is only one in the week, starting at 3 pm, there will be two on weekends, 12 o'clock and 3 pm, to arrange the time in advance. There are three sections of the whole journey that are more dangerous and easy to capsize, but there are staff members next to it."
Baotian Health Hot Spring
224 Reviews
25.4km from downtown
Hot Springs Resort
"The hot spring environment is very good and the service is very intimate. Congee, sweet potatoes, soup and some drinks are free. There are fewer people and the hot spring water is often changed. I will definitely go back with more friends in the future!"

Reasons to Recommend: Baotian Health Hot Spring is situated in Luofu Mountain Scenic Area in Boluo County, Huizhou City. It has a mild climate, a small temperature difference between day and night, weak light in the forest, low UV radiation, and great deals of rainfall. This comfortable microclimate environment is very suitable for leisure and health care and is very beneficial to peoples health. Baotian Health Hot Spring is derived from the healthy water of Luofu Mountain. Here you can relax at the spa as long as you want.

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Leigong Gorge Drifting
191 Reviews
23.4km from downtown
"Leigong Gorge Rafting is located in the Boluo Elephant Head Mountain Nature Reserve. Ride on the rafting boat and bravely advance in the turbulent natural river with a drop of nearly 100 meters. The rafting boat collides with the rock wall and splashes, and the coolness and screams are intertwined."

Reasons to Recommend: Leigong Gorge Rafting is located in the famous Huizhou Xiangtou Forest Park in the town of Boluo Taimei. It is a large-scale integrated ecological tourism area (Leigong Gorge drifting area in Huizhou) integrating leisure, tourism, vacation and sightseeing. The rafting river passes through several natural landscapes. Along the way, the ten-mile bamboo covers the area, and the valley air is fresh, and the clear streams exude natural reiki.

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Cheer Valley Spa Hotel Huizhou
180 Reviews
17.3km from downtown
Hot Springs Resort
"Small and beautiful, not many people, beautiful scenery, but if you can improve the service awareness, such as improving the mud parking lot, when the soup can be prepared with some simple food, here is only mung bean paste and no cooking utensils, I have to say that it is the simplest hot springs I have ever been to."

Reasons to Recommend: Huizhou Yiqinggu Spring Hotel is a summer resort paradise that offers dining, accommodations, entertainment, travel, and shopping. It offers vacation villas, conference rooms, water gardens, spas and hot springs, water parks, amusement rides, and other attractions. The resort is like a natural oxygen bar, allowing visitors to enjoy the balance of mind and body while staying close to nature.

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Elephant Head Mountain
38 Reviews
18.6km from downtown
"The natural scenery of Xiangtoushan Tourist Scenic Area is very good, with beautiful mountains and green waters and lush vegetation. When you come here, you are like walking into a natural picture. The mountains are full of green eyes and the water is crystal clear. It is a good place to relax and relax."

Reasons to Recommend: The Elephant Head Mountain was created in the igneous rocks of the Cretaceous, and the rock walls stood tall and magnificent. Xiangtou Mountain is rich in biological resources, especially the sort of vegetation. Among them, the more popular ones are Ading Maple, D. chinensis and many types of orchids. Originating from the Xiaojin River, a tributary of the Dongjiang River in the Xiangtou Mountain, the river is thin and narrow, which is ideal for crossing and river movement.

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Boluolianhu Water Amusement Park
24 Reviews
6.8km from downtown
Water Park
"[Interesting] Nice summer vacation with baby is especially good 👍 baby said go still want to go"
TOP 10
Longhuaxuri Old Village
28 Reviews
18km from downtown
张芸菲 🌳 640.380
"The first ancient village of Boluo is not large in scale, but the management is still good, so it's good to feel it. Quiet and simple. Looking at the mottled old houses and 400-year-old villages, you can imagine the harmony of the people back then. The rich businessman Zhang Wanwan built roads and built docks and Oxfam's kind benevolence is worthy of promotion. However, tourists from other places are not recommended to make a special trip and play together with several nearby attractions. Our route is: Shouhua Ancient Temple-Huanglong Palace-Longguan Ancient Road-Guanyin Ancient Temple-Xuhua Ancient Village."

Reasons to Recommend: Longhuaxuri Old Village is a collection of rare old buildings from the Ming, Qing, and modern periods. The old village has over 400 years of history and is still well preserved. Archaeologists praise it as a "Model of Lingnan Old Folk Building". The buildings are close together and span a wide area. It is one of the largest old village in the Lingnan region, while having a long history and significant cultural substance. It reflects the overall cultural, political, and economical atmosphere of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Moreover, it shows the lifestyle as well as the unique characteristics of the area.

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TOP 11
Ping'an Gorge Drifting
95 Reviews
16km from downtown
"1. Essential items: mobile phone waterproof bags, towels, combs, self-driving snacks and water on the car, water gun with long range (not many people actually don't need it, can't play, people have a little more water gun to play, you can see the latest comments to grasp the number of tourists) Slippers and sandals (recommended sandals, which are easy to drop in the rafting), easy to wear shorts and shorts, and an extra set (including underwear) for changing afterward, and a more refined shampoo and shower gel with travel outfits. 2. Suggestion: (1) Don't play with children under 15 and the elderly of 55! ! ! This is not suitable for you! ! ! The essence of this rafting is that the first half of the warrior flow, children and the elderly do not allow the floating warrior flow, only allow the second half of the leisure flow, personally think that two-thirds of the fare is the warrior flow (can be exciting fun), the second half of the quite boring to take pictures of you. (2) Don't eat too much, it's okay to be full in six. It's drifting at 1 pm here. If you eat too much, you may vomit in the brave stream. Then this piece of food in the scenic spot is expensive. Our family of four spends 230 dishes for 4 dishes. You can bring your own lunch or eat on the way to the scenic spot. (3) It is recommended to drive by car. It is very convenient to put things when there are not people. (4) Tickets and parking tickets must be kept well, tickets can enter and leave the scenic spot on an unlimited day, lead life jackets, get on the car to the starting point, and go rafting with the tickets! ! ! (5) There is no need to go to the mountain to drift, you don't have the energy, and the ticket to climb the mountain is not cheap, 40 ~ 50, the drift will take the car to the starting point, sightseeing is very good. (6) Unicom has no service directly in the scenic area, the mobile signal is OK, the telecommunications does not know, there are fewer people when I go, free wifi can be used quite quickly, some sellers will also open wifi for you to use, so payment is no problem, it is best to prepare a mobile when there are more people. 3. Process: (1) Buy a parking ticket for 10 yuan to enter the scenic area, and the receipt is kept well, you can enter and leave the ticket unlimited times on the day. (2) Park the car and go up to the mountain entrance to buy a ticket. I bought 2 tickets for and ** 2 for a total of four, ** called Ping'an Mountain Drifting, called Ping'an Gorge Drifting. (3) Pick up the tickets and get down a little bit with a lifejacket and helmet. It's better to have a big red screw on the back. (4) It would not cost ten dollars to store things and change clothes, and it would be better to put them in your own car, and wear the right clothes, and take the helmet and leave. (5) Waiting for a car to drive people to the start of the raft, the guide in glasses asked for a red rope to tie them up, even if it was knocked off can be hanging around the neck. (6) Get off the rafting point, rafting warrior flow remember to grasp the armrest body back, helmet tight, glasses wear, shoes wear, water gun legs pressure, some of the slope is quite steep if you are not careful may fall. (7) After the rafting on the shore, bathing and changing clothes, and ready to leave. 4. I feel that (1) National Day tickets are too expensive, 148 one, a family of four spent nearly 600! ! ! It is also expensive to eat near the scenic spot. It takes 15 ~ 30 water guns to buy in the scenic spot. The waterproof bag 7 ~ 20 is also paid for 10 yuan. The parking fee is 10 yuan. Anyway, all kinds of money have to be spent. It is best to prepare it by yourself. (2) 6 came, very few people, did not play water battle, I feel that the number of people on the 5 may be more fun, too many people can not. (3) The bravery stream is really fun, I and my brother played very happy, exciting, the first wave will give you all wet. The lower half is relatively flat, suitable for taking pictures of tourists, sometimes the water flow is too flat and the rope is pushed down. (4) There may be fewer people, so the staff service attitude is quite good. I don't know when there are more people."

Reasons to Recommend: Ping'an Gorge Drifting is located in Mount Ping'an Ecological Tourism Area, Ping'an Forest Farm, Baitang Town, Boluo County, Huizhou City. The scenic area is dense with vegetation and the scenery is very beautiful. There are different shaped waterfalls, thrilling tunnel drifting rivers, plum tree forests and a thousand-year old temple, forming a unique natural scenic view. The rafting river is about 3 kilometers long, with a descent of more than one hundred meters. Riding a rubber raft up and down stream through the rocky landscape is absolutely exhilirating.

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TOP 12
Wukuang Snow Kingdom
11 Reviews
4.4km from downtown
"A very exotic Austrian town, with a beautiful environment, fresh air, no tourists, walking in the town, there is a feeling of pretending to be vacationing abroad... Although the small town is not big, the photos are great, especially for wedding photos. (However, a ticket of 50 yuan a holiday is not cheap, usually 20 yuan.)"

Reasons to Recommend: Wukuang Snow Kingdom is located within Wukuang Hashi Tower Scenic Area, on Tiyu East Avenue in Boluo County, Huizhou City. It has ten main themed experiential activities: VR Snow Mountain Suspension Bridge, Mysterious Dinosaur Museum, Happy Skating Rink, etc. In the dinosaur museum, there are realistic dinosaur models made from pure ice and which can move and make sound. Visitors will enjoy a fun and exhilarating experience entering a frozen dinosaur world!

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TOP 13
Dongfangshu Rose Garden
5 Reviews
20.3km from downtown
"The garden is large, all giant flower cut-out trees roses, 3-4 month should be better looking, take the family to go around is very good, is to do a good sun protection"
TOP 14
Flowers Blossom for You Tourist Resort
6 Reviews
4.2km from downtown
"This is so good and will go again next time!!!"
TOP 15
Boluodong Shan Shengji Forest Park
5 Reviews
2km from downtown
"Mountain climbing in the forest bathing-who said it was rainy and cool today? But it's as hot as summer! Sweaty! I can only meet again with the natural city! Otherwise the clothes are soaked! Dongshan Provincial Forest Park-on the edge of Boluo County, the supporting facilities are still under construction. No wonder the tourists are scarce and deserted! But also more peaceful! Although the lakes and mountains are ordinary, there are still bright spots!"
TOP 16
Ping'an Mountain Ecology Tourism Sceneic Area
46 Reviews
15.9km from downtown
"The scenery is picturesque, suitable for epidemic period travel, there are not many tourists, suitable for this very time to play, pure natural oxygen! Bring your own family, prepare dry food, bring enough water, walk safely, and go out healthy!"
TOP 17
Boluo Hanging FieldClosed
13 Reviews
27.6km from downtown
"Farmhouse, there are several big sheds inside, when we came, the plants inside were not mature, so I just went around and looked at the flowers and grass, and looked at the plants in the field. It was the first time I saw so many."
TOP 18
Feiyunding Mountain
26 Reviews
29.9km from downtown
"Feiyunding is the main peak of Luofu Mountain, 1,296 meters above sea level, the peak is flat, flowers and plants, clouds and fog, sunrise can be comparable with Mount Tai. New Year's first to Luofu Mountain, two and a half hours."
TOP 19
Luofushan Space Breeding Base
60 Reviews
14.7km from downtown
"Going with my family, I drove for about an hour, but it was too hot, there was no shade place to follow. I have to rent a bicycle, so it is not so tired."

Reasons to Recommend: Luofushan Space Breeding Base is a national demonstration site for rural tourism and leisure agricultural and a county-level space breeding base, integrating space agriculture, recreational village tourism, and outward bound. Focusing on eco-recreation, sightseeing, scientific research, and educational activities, it is an excellent destination for leisure tour.

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TOP 20
Tangquan Gao'erfu Club
20 Reviews
6.1km from downtown
Golf Course
"Nice view and good service attitude"