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Midui Glacier
Sometimes it's too easy, maybe you can't take you anywhere! . . . In the afternoon, I went to the Mihei Glacier... This place, which was rated as one of the six most beautiful glaciers in China, made us lose two hours in the forest! ! TT Midui Glacier is located in Midu Village, Yupu Township, about 100km east of Bomi County, Nyingchi Prefecture, Tibet. It is the most important oceanic glacier in Tibet and the lowest glaciers in the world. China National Geographic is rated as one of the six most beautiful glaciers in China. The main peak of the Mihe Glacier is 6800m above sea level, the snow line is only 4600m above sea level, and the end elevation is 2400m. The mountains on both sides are steep and steep, and the snow-capped mountains and clouds are intertwined. It is a dreamlike and amazing. Climbing an iceberg has certain requirements for physical strength. It is necessary to bring food, water and other supplies, and keep warm. The temperature is particularly high outside the shade of the tree, it is very dry! But when its going to the dark, its cold and you have to wear down, all the way off and wearing it! It is easy to catch a cold! It takes three hours to travel to and from the whole trip, considering the physical experience! There are small shops in the hills suggesting that there is enough dry food supplies to go up the mountain. Transportation: The Midu Glacier is close to the Sichuan-Tibet Highway and is convenient to enter. It can be used to charter a car from Bomi County or Ranwu Town for about 2 hours. It takes about 7km from the entrance of the scenic spot to the glacier, about 3 hours walk, and 20 minutes by car.
There is a very fun place next to Renqing Inn. There is a classic hiking route, Gangcao Forest, which was named one of Chinas top ten most beautiful forests by China National Geographic in 2015. A virgin forest on the corner of the Bhumi Palong Zangbo River. From the small road in front of the inn, go straight inside, through the village is the route to start on foot, if the senior hikers can start from the inn directly, the round-trip is about ten kilometers, because the rainy days, the first half The roads in the section were muddy and slippery, so we simply drove to the Damei Inn in the scenic spot and started hiking there. In fact, the most beautiful section started here. The spruce forest is also a scenic spot. The ticket for the peak season is 90, and the low season is 40. Although the scenic spot is hidden in the deep mountains, we also met several tourists who came to hike when we went there that day. Starting on foot, walking towards the depths of the forest, the weather at the moment is also sunny, just right for hiking, walking through a small road, climbing a small slope, the real virgin forest, the trees that grow freely, the trunk It is moss, covered with tree vines. This is a symbol of wildness. I and my friends not only sigh, this is the forest, this is the real world of nature, and there is a forest in the city today. The nice woods in the park are just a few regular planting trees. Tibet is the last pure land of mankind. I hope that these natural things will let them grow naturally and not be destroyed by humans.
Linzhi enjoys the Spring Raiders: live here to see Jinshan Xuefeng Bomi Peach Blossoms Tonight we are staying at the Bajia Village of Bozhigang Township, Linzhi, Tibet, which is known as the Oriental Little Switzerland. It is at the foot of the famous Gang Spruce Forest. Living on the peninsula in the center of the river, the window reveals the clear river and the white goddess snow-capped mountains, and the peach blossoms in the courtyard are also intoxicated and fragrant. This is the most beautiful scenery, and the two-night booking is the view room of the best inn "Renqing Inn". For this reason, Blue Lotus specially booked a house a month ago. When she did not want to come, she was told that the viewing room was occupied by the guests who refused to check out. The friends had to be dispersed in the four places and stay back together tomorrow. As a business inn should be the first criterion of CIGNA to be too bad, its ability to mediate customer demand disputes is also doubtful. However, Renqing hardware is really better than others, and it is also very special. The two days of staying here are very beautiful, sleeping to see the snow peaks, drinking tea to see the snow peaks, and eating to see the snow peaks. Photographs of Tibetan costumes are also provided free of charge. Big guys shoot sunset Jinshan during the day, wearing a variety of Tibetan clothes provided by the inn. In the evening, drinking small wine in the corridor, eating yak jerky and snacks, smashing the mountains, watching the sky full of stars and quietly reluctant to sleep... The soft service needs to be upgraded. [Accommodation experience] Renqing Inn Excellent location, very Tibetan style, large courtyard, room features, complete facilities, large amount of hot water, providing Tibetan Take photos, provide pasta for breakfast, limited supply during dry season, network signal is very bad
Friends who have known 318 will have a little impression on this place. This place is Tongmai. It is called Tongmai Tianshang on the Sichuan-Tibet line. Tongmai Bridge is an important throat fortress on the Sichuan-Tibet line. It was once because of the environmental weather. Many aspects of the impact, often encounter Tongmai Bridge damage or blocked, after the Tongmai Bridge, a few hours, more than a few days are affirmative. Our trip to Bomi is just going through the Tongmai Bridge, across the raging Palong Zangbo River, surrounded by mountains and clouds. If you dont say it is a natural danger, I really feel it here. It is very beautiful. After crossing the bridge, the roadside here can park, excitedly get off and get off to see the legendary Tongmai Tianshang, the Sichuan-Tibet line has always been the place I yearn for, after watching the bridge just after the bridge Bridge, Tongmai Bridge, originally this is not the Tongmai Bridge, this is the new Tongmai Bridge that was opened in 2016. Tongmai Bridge is next to the Tongmai Bridge, but it is much shorter and narrower than the Tongmai Bridge. It looks a lot simpler and the bridge just happens to be able to pass a car. Every time it is only It can allow unilateral traffic, so it is normal to queue for a few hours. Nowadays, the Tongmai Bridge has been closed, and the Tongmai Bridge can be used bilaterally. Today, Tongmai Natural Insurance has ceased to exist. Some emotions, how many people have left 318 experience in youth, Tongmai Tianyin, Tongmai Bridge, is the youth on 318.
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