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Cape Le Grand National ParkNearby City

Cape Le Grand National Park

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"Australian niche attractions kangaroos·Mooker on the white sand beach of Western Australia takes you to punch in ANZ niche attractions ~ Western Australia has been known as the Lonely Planet. There are many ancient natural attractions and wonders, including Speak Stonehenge, Wave Rock, and so on. The Cape of Sea National Park in the south of Western Australia is one of them. The Cape of Sea National Park Cape Le Grand National Park is located in the southeastern part of Western Australia, about 631 kilometers from the center of Perth, just in the distance of Perth to the famous Pink Lake Hillel Lake. · Start from Perth and about 8 hours and 15 minutes by car to the National Park. It is recommended to spend the night in Esperance on the west side of the National Park before heading out to the National Park. · National Park, with an area of 31,801 hectares and an ancient history of nearly 200 million years, is home to many primitive relic species. The park is rich in varied geological landscapes, including giant granite formations, shallow pools, sandy beaches, and bushes. ·Must-play Lucky Bay Lucky Bay is the most famous beach in the National Park and around Esperance town, and even has been rated one of Australia's top 10 beaches.·This beach is famous for its ability to meet wild kangaroos directly on the beach. These kangaroos are wild but not very fierce and are friendly to tourists. When visitors come to the beach, it is easy to see them lazy on the beach sun or treaty walk. · In addition to wild kangaroos, the sandy softness of the Lucky Bay is clean white, with blue water on the shore, which makes for a beautiful beach view. Visitors can also see the island view off the land. · Frenchman's Capture Frenchman's Peak Frenchman's Capture is located at the entrance of the park and is a popular rock climbing point in the park. This rock climbing point is about 262 meters above sea level, the second highest point in the park. · Climbing along the rock wall, you will be able to go to the viewing platform at the top of the mountain. At the viewing platform you will be able to view the magnificent scenery of the National Park and Esperance Bay. The climb takes about 3 km to and from, takes about 2 hours. Tickets: A$15 for cars with 12 seats below; A$7 for cars with 12 seats above; free under 6 years old. · Travel with Mocker, enjoy Australia & New Zealand, unlock different local experience play, customize your unique free travel."